THE Problem with Nissan Infiniti Cars | RASP and how to fix it!

THE Problem with Nissan Infiniti Cars | RASP and how to fix it!

One of, if not the, biggest problems with the Nissan/Infiniti VQ platforms is the RASP! We all want change up our exhaust and let these cars breathe in order to pull as much power out as possible, but then we are smacked in the ear drums by the hideous raspy nonsense!
Here is what causes rasp and how we can fix/prevent it!!
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Eduardo Santana says:

What exhaust you reccomend for a g37 sedan 2010 i dont want it raspy and on a budget

Test Flyer says:

Well stated…
In the process of solving the same problem in a ‘20 supercharged Coyote motor.
The exhaust system consists of a Stainless Works long tube headers/high flow cats/Y-pipe/factory resonator/dynomax 1-in/2-out muffler/two 3” turn-downs.
Great V8 tone through 3000rpm; after that it gets increasingly raspy, to the point where it drowns out the blower.
So even in my system, with high flow cats, I still have plenty of rasp. The only difference that I’m aware of between high flow cats and the OEM cats is the size of the honeycomb in there. So that wasn’t my first suspect.
Planning on adding a longer resonator; hopefully that’s the answer.

TheSixMan Toronto says:

3:14 it actually sounds like my stock 37s, but man does it sound sooooo good!!

Kenyon Payne says:

It almost sounds counter intuitive but larger piping seems to help with rasp when paired with good resonators/mufflers. Honda v6s with pre cat deletes seem to deal with this a lot with the exhaust options that are out there

JR Trippy says:

Will that CF steering wheel fit in my 2013 g37x

Isiaha Carriero says:

Is that an after market steering wheel?

Raze392 says:

Will that borla muffler work with a g37 sedan? I just did a resonator delete and want to replace that resonator delete with this borla muffler

Cesar Ortega says:

I currently have Megan test pipes and Megan y pipe. It is very raspy and I bought 2 vibrant ultra quiet resonators. Where is the section to install them? Do I replace the stock resonators? Thanks

walter escobar says:

I have the ark exhaust but when im building up 0-20 i hear a small like vibration but not a vibration lag?? What is that

Noel Velasquez says:

What piping did you use

Elijah Stewart says:

i know this isnt the same as having a modded car pushing out a ton of power and gas through an exhaust but a testament to this is me having NO MUFFLER on my eclipse, just a big cannon tip, while retaining the stock cats and resonators, the sound difference is almost unnoticeable besides more bass and growl being allowed through with no rasp

mr dashin says:

It's not just these cars it's almost all Infiniti/ Nissan cars

Gave Sibble says:

Hey man! Awesome video. Do u really think resonators do a good job in reducing rasp/loud tone from experience? And how long does a perforated resonator last in a catless system?

Clapped Notso says:

That rasp sound-clip was major ear rape

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