Repair Infiniti Power Seat in an hour for $14

Repair Infiniti Power Seat in an hour for $14

If your power seat will not move correctly but you can hear the motor running when you press the switch, there is a good chance that a $14 plastic seat motor gear is stripped. You can replace this yourself. See links below to specific sections of the video and replacement part.

2:46 Align the seat before you disconnect power
6:51 Replace the plastic gear
11:18 See what the previous owner left behind
12:30 Reinstall seat
16:09 Reset blinking ABS light after repair

In this third video in my series I will remove the passenger seat from my 2004 Infiniti FX 35 and replace a missing plastic seat gear I was able to buy online for $14. The repair only requires very basic tools. The dealership does not sell this part and will quote you an entire seat to do the same repair.

The part I ordered from Amazon –
The other videos in my FX35 series –



Washies World says:

underrated content, he gave us all the angles

Eyessenia Mejia says:

My seat goes forward but it won’t go backwards !!!! What should I do I need help ASAP please

5BorosThorough ! says:

I see you said there was a way to do it with removing the seat?

TheStpflo says:

I had a airbag light issue too and I was wondering how to reset it. Thanks bro for the great video.

Rob Bryant says:

Great video and instruction, many thanks!

Gemma Riser says:

I have a 2005 Infiniti fx 35 with the exact same issue on the passenger side. This video was so helpful for me. Thank you for making a video that I can actually follow and understand !

one love says:

Thanks for the video. It’s my driver side but appreciate all the info.

Destiny Lujan says:

Where did you get the gear piece ? For the seat and what is it called ?

Jered Miller says:

Thanks a lot, have the same problem on mine. Did you fix the drivers side up/down gear also?

John Beard says:

Awesome info…Thx!
Driver seat is doing the same. Will be taking a look over the weekend.

Craig Jackson says:

Thanks for posting this. I just fixed my 2005 FX35 driver side seat with that gear I ordered from Amazon, in 30 minutes. I didn't even take the seat out or unplug anything.
Just pulled the plastic seat front off to the side and went from there.I went straight to the right side gear, and found that it was stripped.

Ahmed K says:

The guy is hilarious!!! He has a great sense of humor..thank you for sharing

steven cheung says:

how did you find the item for the project? For the same car, my steering wheel doesnt go forward and backwards. Im assuming the gear is broken.How do you find the part to fix it?

Carl Thornton says:

Very Good!!!

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