Infiniti Q50 door logo projector light install

Infiniti Q50 door logo projector light install

I demonstrate installation of Door projector lights on a 2015 Q50 Hybrid Sedan. Easy to do and they look great. Link to the product I used is here:
KEEP IN MIND – You may not need a 4 pack. I ordered 4, but should have only ordered 2!



shye hopper says:

Do you really need to cut the battery

Daryl Delp says:

100% getting these

Overanalyzing Clone Wars says:

Thank you. Just installed mine for my g37. Looks great and took 3 minutes. 100% recomend over the normal yellow looking lights

Bman H says:

Holy package crackle… really?

Ariel Rovero says:

book where I can find it because I am tired of looking for it and I do not get the one from my volkswagen car

Ahmed Tech says:

After two years of use , how is the condition? Still surviving

J J says:

How are these holding up? I heard the image fades after awhile.

juan contreras says:

I have a 2014 q50 hybrid that came with these already

Sid says:

How do you disconnect the battery before switching the light

OMG says:

I have a 2017 infinity Q50 signatures is there a way I can turn on the illuminated entry light under the bottom or does my car come with it.

ra_King says:

Just ordered some for my '17 q50! Thanks for the upload. Looks easy enough!

Keanu Baca says:

How do they look now dude?

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