Infiniti Q50 2019 Rear End Update/Refresh Install

Infiniti Q50 2019 Rear End Update/Refresh Install

In this episode we install the complete 2019 rear end refresh
Diode Dynamics:



Josh Raffee says:

Will this work on a 2016 infinite q50 r/s

AIAlexxx says:

Where did you get those tail lights

Marian 666 says:

turn signals illuminated amber?

igorjar says:

Nice video.

Are all US "18 models have yellow turn signal on tail lights?

That Dude Blasian says:

For the 2017 model will I have to change the bumper and the trunk aswell? Or I can just swap out the tail lights?

joseph cruz says:

What’s up man I have all the parts to do the conversation but I have a little problem with the wiring do you have a picture of the wires you fused together ??

J says:

Does it have to be a hybrid s i have a premium 2015 q50 will everything thing fit according to video?

SquareWheels Automotive says:

Whoa this is huge dude well done

Bob says:

So I have to the the Diode Dynamics to stop the ultra flashing right? And also do they overheat and burn plastic and such if the car is on for hours?

Ray Ghost says:

I was the first one to do this on my Q50s 2014 back in 2018 …

Dalton Mohr says:

Can I just swap the 2019 camera to the 2014 and get a better picture?

Kripple Hippo says:


Ruben Ruiz says:

So you switched the 2015 trunk, bumper, and lights to a 2019 trunk, bumper, lights? Curious because im trying to swap my 2017 lights to the newer version, so im assuming ill also need to do the trunk and rear bumper?

Reescrevendo Vidas says:

Very nice video, I changed the rear end, but the flashlights are going too fast, please can you tell me the details of the diodes?
Thank you.

Marrda says:

Did you do the front end sport conversion? I just painted mine and I have some questions about mounting and extra screws I may need

Bober4u says:

Do you maybe have photo of 2018 tail lights with old bumper and trunk? I wonder how big is that gap

ICYGaming WithB3 says:

Okay so if i buy the new 2019 trunk and the new bumper i can put it on my 2014 q50?

GrieferJesus442 says:

Yo how much all this cost you

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