Infiniti JX35 QX60 O2 sensors P0037 P0420

Infiniti JX35 QX60 O2 sensors P0037 P0420

O2 sensor locations explained plus an easy fix for my P0037 and P0420 codes. I go over bank 2 sensor 1, bank 2 sensor 2, and bank 1 sensor 2. These locations should work for Infiniti QX60 and Nissan Pathfinder as well.



Schuyler Ostrander says:

Having this issue on my 2013 JX35 and was quoted 2100$ to fix. Thanks for this video

marito 310 says:

can I ask, was your car emitting(puffing) smoke randomly during acceleration?

marito 310 says:

Great info Very specific and easy to understand, thank you.

Carlton #CBriggs Briggs says:

Where are u located

Dominick Vennari says:

I have a QX56. O2 sensors for bank 1 upstream and downstream are $380. Not to mention nothing is easily accessible unfortunately in the engine bay. Trying to find solutions but think it’s going to come down to a mechanic

Ge162724 Ge162724 says:

Thanks for the info.

hamza babli says:

Is it safe to drive the car with this problem?

Jason Fromm says:

Think u can tell me where bank one sensor 1 is? Ty

Radius says:

My god I have a 2005 4runner daily driver and used it for work for 10 years and have never replaced any or this sensors. Heck I’ve replaced the spark plugs because it’s way overdue at 250K miles. Mileage now is 300k and this truck is still running.

Troy Brewer says:

Thanks for the info!! Haven’t been able to find this anywhere else.

Moo Auto says:

I have a hard choice to make I live in Africa and I want advice between an 2019 Mitsubishi asx , Infinity JX35, BMW x3 2013 diesel wich one should I consider?

TheReelChris says:

Helpful video, I’m having a similar issue with my JX

john son says:

Quick question Infiniti jx35 p0420 code is upstream o2sensor or downstream o2 sensor problem ?

Jeff Miracle says:

You gotta clean this engine bro

Bruce Lee says:

I only have p0420 on my jx35. I can hear noise coming from exhaust near engine. should I change catalytic converter to fix this problem?

GizmoMalshi says:

You didn't show where your disconnected wire was? With the image zoomed in I can't see if it's under the car, in the wheel well or from under the hood.

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