Infiniti G35 IPDM REPLACEMENT! Already BROKEN!!!

Infiniti G35 IPDM REPLACEMENT! Already BROKEN!!!

I buy cars… and they break down on me non stop.



Lalo says:

you have a very filthy mouth

Jeff Smith says:

2005 Infiniti g35 obd port not working I’m trying to scan code but the port isn’t working any ideas ?

34uzzz says:

I’m having a problem the passenger floor is wet but the bcm itself isn’t , but my g35 won’t start without a jump and the locks and windows go down when they want and sometimes don’t even work, can it be something other than the bcm?

Arch says:

Also it has to be from the Exact year bad model. If you replace any computer on these cars. This is a definite BCM issue.

Arch says:

You NEEdto get it reprogrammed cause it needs to be synced with your key. And security system. Or these same issues can occur. with BCM and anycomputer that’s from used or new. this looks like a BCM issue. That will need replaced and programmed

Erickson Moreno says:

I’m having an issue where my license tag lights and brake lights always stay on even with car off and I’m assuming that same module is causing it, that module is at a very bad spot where water can easily get into it and cause these issues

Jose Guerrero says:

Did you need to reprogram your computer after you replaced it?

Short Videos says:

Dude, I feel your pain. I have a 2007 Infiniti M35X and have the same issue. car off, wipers on. I took to dealership and they're wanting $2k to replace IPDM.

Chris Greene says:

Does anyone know how he fixed the G35 windshield wipers?

craigcreationz says:

Was the car not starting? Or was it just the AC?

Th3kiddd GRAY says:

So I changed my fuse box as well and it’s doing that windshield wipers thing …. also what should I do ? Now ? How do I get it to stop without pulling the fuses , I took the fuses out and it stopped but what do I do now ?

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