How to Replace a Dodge Ram Speaker with the Infinity Sound System

How to Replace a Dodge Ram Speaker with the Infinity Sound System

I had a bad speaker in the truck and this video show’s how to replace it. It’s a little out of the ordinary because the unique sound system dodge used with infinity. This video shows how I replaced and maintained all the factory connectors.

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Akin of FURY says:

What wattage are those speakers?

Timothy Brown says:

Any problem with the window hitting the speaker

Johnny Corso says:

“Take this off and put it on the new speaker I’m gonna show you how” – proceeds to not show you how and timelapse through the install

Team Six says:

Wait. You took out a woofer (woofer of a 2 component system that has a separate tweeter), and installed a 3 way speaker??????????????

Simpleman says:

Will these work on the regular sound system (non infinity)?

north cummins says:

Do you speakers ever cut out on you at high volume

Chino Rb says:

I have a single cab damm it was a pain in the ass too take the back speakers off

Chino Rb says:

Im running the same speakers

james griego says:

Those extra connections on your door are for your mirrors as you mentioned and possibly the missing tweeter

Dave Sogn says:

Why did you stay with that amp why didn’t you just disconnected all

Isaac Barbosa says:

Would these fit on my 2002 single cab ??

Mr. Ghoulie says:

I connected my original amp onto my new speaker and there is no sound. Any ideas?

Mark Maunder says:

I'm curious why you kept the Infinity amps on the side of the speakers. If you're using something like a Scosche SLC-4 to bring down your head unit's signal to line level to be compatible with the Infinity speakers, then with the new speakers you're stepping it down, and then stepping it back up with the infinity amps. What you could have done is just run the wires direct from head unit to speakers and skipped installing the infinity amps on the new speakers and removed the Scosche SLC-4. That way you have a direct link from head unit to speakers. Most good head units have enough power (e.g. 15 watts RMS) to drive those 6×9's. At least that's my understanding of what's going on here. Could be wrong.

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