How to Locate and Replace an Oxygen Sensor Infiniti G35x & G37x

How to Locate and Replace an Oxygen Sensor Infiniti G35x & G37x

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This video should apply to any Infiniti G35 or G37 from 2007- 2013. This vehicle had a PO51 and a PO150 code, which is defined as an oxygen sensor circuit low voltage bank two, sensor one. These error codes show up when the engine control module (ECM) determines the voltage given by the sensor is lower than the specified limits. This means it is reading an excessive amount of oxygen in the exhaust. With a bad oxygen sensor, you should get a check engine light and your car may be hard to start, along with poor engine performance and bad gas mileage. To clear the codes once the new sensor is installed, you can either use an OBD2 scanner or if you don’t have one, disconnect the car battery for about five minutes and then the codes should not appear anymore.

Tools needed:

Socket Set
Oxygen Sensor Set
Screwdriver Set
Hand Cleaner
Rubber Gloves
Shop Towels


Oxygen Sensor

These are the tools we used or something that’s similar. There are many manufacturers and various prices. It’s a good idea to buy the better tool with the best warranty and easiest exchange in case of tool failure.


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NotABlack IPL says:

The explanation on the bank 1 and bank 2 as well as before and after the cat is awesome info! Thanks made the job alot easier

Da Suaveologist says:

Best video on Infiniti 02 sensor replacement. Thank you sir for your time

EnoFC says:

Would this be the same for a 370z?

Mak Steezy says:

I was so confused based on other videos where the location was. Thanks so much on being so clear and straight forward. Appreciate it so much. Just seen the p1148 code.

Saul rubio says:

Really helpful thank you so much

Tyler Alvarez says:

Are all four o2 sensors the same? Upstream and downstream

Wildgremlinz says:

Very helpful video. Thanks. I'm going to be replacing both front o2 sensors this weekend on my M37. Showing the firing order at the beginning was very helpful too.

Rigo Arteaga says:

Wow, perfect!
You are so right about the dealer cost, I was just quoted $657 to replace bank 2 sensor 1
I think I’ll buy both upstream sensors and rent some tools and just do it myself at a self serve garage one of these weekends… they got me fucked up if they think I’ll spend that much on sensor replacement.
Thanks again. Your video gave me all of the information i need to get it done. ✅

Freink bah says:

Where do I find an o2 sensor for this vehicle at a good price?

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