How to Install Always-On™ Module for Infiniti Q50/Q70 by Diode Dynamics

How to Install Always-On™ Module for Infiniti Q50/Q70 by Diode Dynamics

NOTE: If you have the optional adaptive lighting feature, you may need to reach around or underneath the adaptive lighting controller to access the fog lamp.

If you have a Turbo model, you may need to remove the bumper to access the fog light connector.

If you have a 2018-2020 Q50, you may need to remove the wheel to access the fog light connector located behind the metal plate/backing.

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This video demonstrates the simple installation of the Diode Dynamics Always-On™ Module for the Infiniti Q50/Q70. Email us with any questions at or call 314-205-3033. Thanks for watching!



Import Domestic says:

Hi Paul. So quick question I have a 2015 Q70L.
I purchased two DRL harnesses for my Infiniti.
I’m being told that I just need one harness for both sides. When I did install the harness I start it with the driver side. After installing a notice that it would only work on the driver side. Was I supposed to install on the passenger side only?
Since I did purchase two harnesses I installed it on the passenger side afterwards and now it works as designed. Is the wiring harness different from the Q70 models?

lexusfan100 says:

did u do both sides or just one?

DBoy543 says:

Disappointed. Mines worked like a charm lasted about 4 months then stopped working no wires exposed splash shields intact cool
Mod tho for the time being

Marrda says:

With the new indicators that are sequential and can be used as drl, they look much better than the fog lights. Imo the fogs are out dated and don't worth with the face of the car nor match the streamline of the headlights.

Rhajeem Crawford says:

I know this is for the Infiniti Q50 which is the international model for Nissan, but would this also work for the JDM models? I have the same car but they call it the Nissan Skyline 350GT

Web. Strong says:

Does this kit work for 2016 altima 3.5SR?

savoeun khiev says:

Can the fogs be turned on and off as normal? Also, is it compatible with my 2016 q50?

garyjcolbert says:

Can always on be turned off

x 23 says:

Hey are you guys shipping now if I make an order? And I'm assuming it works on 2014 infiniti q50 3.7?

Sarbjit Singh says:

Will this work on a 2017 q50 red sport 400 ?

VQMello says:

If you have a Q70 install it on the drivers side. The passenger side has the windshield washer in the way.

Neil says:

Careful when ordering for 2015 Q50 with tech package. You have to remove bumper wheel inner fender and undertray

Austin Lu says:

Would this work on a 2019 QX50?

david cheetham says:

Nice im ordering

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