How TO | AC Infinity Fan System Install

How TO | AC Infinity Fan System Install


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Alex Darden says:

For such a large AV closet, I'd recommend adding a return duct from that closet to your AC Unit with a thermostat in that room set to turn the fan on when it's above a certain temp. We do that in residential setups pretty often. Just need enough air able to come in the room and you're golden! Your AC blower can move a lot more air than the little computer fans, and usually the AC intakes are undersized already. That being said, I'm planning on using this same kit for a much smaller cabinet and I'm excited about it.

Francisco G. says:

Interesting way to set up the things

Patrick YK says:

Do you need two fans, one for exhaust and one to let air in?

Eric Koechling says:

Awesome video. Exactly what I was looking forr

Robert Betts says:

Nice work. Legit.

bryan diel says:

AC Infinity has a cloudline inline fan, which would have worked gr8 with the ducting you used.

Daryl P says:

You should have at least one fan bringing cool air in (2 would be better) and the probe should be closer to the hottest piece of equipment. By the time the probe gets to the set temperature your equipment will be much warmer.

AMP Tech says:

Really liked the vid, always curious how those cabinet cooling kits worked

twin linked says:

Separate question, are you using some kind of IR repeater for your PlayStation? I would love to put mine in the network closet as well. Just curious how that works.

Great vid man, I like the setup.

Randy Hunt says:

It is very easy to drop an ac vent into that closet from the attic. You would still need to add fans but the temp would drop drastically.

Dwayne Arnold says:

If the room hits 95 lol its to late as the inside machine temp would be extremely higher 🙁 set 10 degrees lower mate will help u more in long run.
Love a.c. infinity u inspire me to get one possibly 2

Joseph Kool says:

If you don't like what you're doing or who you're with then you have to change what you're doing or who you're with.That's really good advice thankyou. I'm either filing for divorce first thing in the morning or faking my death. Thanks again

Jamar Caldwell says:

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