Here Is How To Install A Dashboard On A 1999-2002 Infiniti G20!

Here Is How To Install A Dashboard On A 1999-2002 Infiniti G20!

In this video i install a black dashboard on my infiniti g20. If you are going to attempt to do this keep in mind that you will need a Tamper proof T50 star bit to remove the air bag. Also the plastics are very fragile and can easily break so take your time. If you liked this video please make sure to give me a thumbs up and consider subscribing, I Try to post a new video every week so hit the notification icon to get notified when a new video is out!




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Thank you guys for watching!

It's All Connected says:

Where can I find the same black dashboard for my primera?

Nate C. says:

Are dash cracks a common issue on p10 and p11's because mine is cracked also

SupraNikolai says:

I am about to change my entire interior with my donor G20. Your videos are SUPER helpful! Thanks so much!!

Random DIY says:

After removing the bolts in the defroster, was it easy to pull the dash? Any tricks to remove?

Lui SR20 says:

Nice,doing a P10 one soon

dylan s says:

You gotta put a black steering wheel on it next. Then it’s tight as shit

DieselGuy Dave says:

Cool thanks for feedback

DieselGuy Dave says:

Can u do a video on a knock sensor removal or a sunroof track

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