2016+ Infiniti Q50/Q60 3.0T Performance Heat Exchanger Installation Guide by Mishimoto

2016+ Infiniti Q50/Q60 3.0T Performance Heat Exchanger Installation Guide by Mishimoto

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Model: MMHE-Q50-16

• Direct fit for the 2016+ Infiniti Q50 and Q60 3.0T
• Full aluminum construction with durable, TIG-welded end tanks
• Drops heat exchanger temperatures up to 21°F over stock unit
• 196% increase in core volume
• 97% increase in external fin surface area
• Removable outlet port for simplified installation
• Captive bleeder screw for easy removal of air pockets in intercooler coolant system
• Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

• Please dispose of any liquids properly.
• Allow vehicle to cool completely prior to attempting installation.
• Mishimoto Performance (MP) is not responsible for any vehicle
damage or personal injury due to installation errors, misuse,
or removal of MP products.
• MP always suggests that a trained professional install all
MP products.
• Do not run the engine or drive the vehicle while overheating.
Serious damage may occur.
• Raise vehicle only on jack stands or on a vehicle lift.



lucky boy says:

Will this work with a ams auxiliary tank

Baggy Camera says:

How's the heat exchanger on q50 3.0t on Gas ? Once installed do I need to tune it will it give me bad rpm readings .. please help ???

Isaih Aguirre says:

It’s hard seeing the tech take off those clips with a pry bar and a pick, just use the clip remover pliers

koachs77 says:

What is the gain , runs cooler or more HP , do you need to retune it ,

Adolfo Garcia says:

Hi , do get more power with heat exchanger or do feel any different

Michael Richardson says:

AWESOME VIDEO! Thanks for your help and professionalism.

Ishak Zaghari says:

great process of sowing every step, i think this can be done in a less amount of time, by using an electric ratchet

King Joe says:

Me taking everything off. Puts everything back but…. Still have 2 bolts left over

Benjie Fontanilla says:

Is the radiator remains push backward after the heat exchanger in place?

Ian says:

Is this heat exchanger compatible with a RHD version of the 3.0t engine

Olek says:

The best video-manual I had ever seen! Respect!

Simon Chavez says:

My 2017 Q50 recently got totaled on only one month of ownership… front sub-frame damage including the condenser and radiator damaged… My insurance claims it as "TOTAL LOSS"
This video gives me hope to rebuild it, I have finally decided tonight to keep my Q50.
The search for parts begins.

DOOM says:

no woman mechanic in our area. Please add options.

JM3 morales says:

Does this fit in the Q50 redsport with out any modifications jus plug and play

FI Fiend says:

@mishimoto automotive Appreciate the video and the data that's been published on outlet temperatures with this unit. Couple areas I've been concerned with is the pumps ability to operate with a larger exchanger unit (and more resistance), as well as the larger heat exchanger blocking the engine radiator. Do you have any data or other information to ensure these are OK?

Brandon Han says:

Gosh, it that a girl doing all that?

Gershon Hernandez says:

After installing this on my red sport I turned my car back on and my check engine light came on. Could it be because I might have missed connecting a sensor?

Ahmed Alhammadi says:

If I put a heat exchanger AMS on my q50s without tune, I could lose horse power in my car? .. My friend told me maybe I will lose the Turbo Boost?

Gabriel David says:

How do bleed the system? Old school way?

Maksym Vasiuta says:

Hi, are there any alternative options to oil cooler for q60 red sport ? Because I can't find this part in my country (Ukraine). Thanks. 🙂

Mursal Sayfatov says:

Why is there 2 water pumps is that a Optional thing

Alex Tsai says:

ive noticed the oem radiator (pushed back) wasnt pulled forward into original position after new hx was installed, is that how it's suppose to be like ?

ayabeihere says:

The amount of pop up clips and bolts to remove… Sheesh!

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