2003 Infiniti G35 Android 8.0 Head Unit Install (Pumpkin)

2003 Infiniti G35 Android 8.0 Head Unit Install (Pumpkin)

In this video I will update the 15 year old Bose head unit in my G35 with a new Pumpkin Autocar head unit running Android 8.0. The unit has 32Gb of storage and 4Gb of memory. The install was a bit tricky when it came to the wiring but I will show you in detail which wires to connect to ensure proper functionality. In this install I re-used the stock radio bezel but modified it with a double-din sized hole to fit the new head unit. If you need to do some special wiring I’ve put the wire color info for the stock Bose unit at the bottom so keep scrolling.

Parts List:
Pumpkin Head Unit: https://www.autopumpkin.com/pumpkin-car-radio-stereo-android-8-0-double-din-7-inch-touchscreen-with-gps-navi-bluetooth-fastboot.html
Infiniti Stereo Wire Adapter: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0007WTF5C/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_moMmCbBB3M3G2
Radio Antenna adapter: https://www.amazon.com/Metra-40-NI10-Nissan-Antenna-Adapter/dp/B0002BESI2/ref=pd_bxgy_2/132-4124408-7188811?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0002BESI2&pd_rd_r=2c8ef37b-7614-11e9-85e1-95851149a707&pd_rd_w=ne9YF&pd_rd_wg=9jiZT&pf_rd_p=a2006322-0bc0-4db9-a08e-d168c18ce6f0&pf_rd_r=PT2FH06QJMD5ZJHWQ1QN&psc=1&refRID=PT2FH06QJMD5ZJHWQ1QN
* You will also need a set of JDM heater controls like this: https://www.autopartone.com/products/03-04-infiniti-g35-oem-a-c-heater-climate-control-unit

If you have to make special wire connections because your head unit isn’t the same as mine it will be easiest to run wires back to the amp and connect there as all wire connections will be available there. Here are the high side (line-level out) and low side (pre-amp) wire colors for the Bose Amp. Also see this post…. good info and pics at the bottom of the page: https://g35driver.com/forums/audio-video-electronics/427975-bypassing-bose-amplifier-03-04-g35.html

The wire colors out from the amp are as follows:
driver door/tweeter: g + r –
passenger door/tweet: gy + y –
rear driver: g/y + b/y –
rear pass: br+ b –
driver woof: l/y + w/g –
pass woof: l/r + l/w –

Wire colors (low side) entering Bose amp:
rear left = lg + pu –
rear right = l (+) p (-)
front left = w + or –
front right = or/l + w/l –
control = sb (light blue)
backup = y/r

b= black
blue = l
brown/tan = br
light green = lg
green = g
dark green = dg
grey = gy
orange = or
pink = p
purple = pu
red = r
white = w
yellow = y



Shane Sanford says:

you saved me $195, Thank you for this one man

Giovanny Luque says:

I have a beat up aftermarket kit with missing pieces. I'ma get a stock one at a junkyard and give this a shot thanks for this video.

jimmy says:

did the steering wheel control on the android work with the g35?

Larisa Santos says:

Can you tell me where exactly you trimmed on the aftermarket hvac buttons? I’m having a hard time getting mine to sit properly on the OEM bezel

Adrian Ramcharran says:

can you put it back to stock after the double din is installed

TankBank TV says:

What size screen does the double din hold is it 7”?

InvalidUsername _ says:

What's the model to that double din stereo?

Charger677 says:

Can you update it ?

david nicholson says:

Did you experience reduced volume and sound quality?



07 CBR1000RR says:

This is a royal pain in the ass. Nissan and Infiniti always wanna discourage customers from doing it themselves. The trim around the clock is like a ticking bomb that will blow no matter what. Brittle it will just break nd that thing expensive although you can glue it and paint it black nd it looks fine

BabyFace Joshyy says:

Do mine for me I’ll buy everything and pay you??

Tripl3 Nin3 Divin3 says:

Thank you for this one

BIG GK says:

Thanks you helped me figure it out im so greatful u took the time to make this video

Shood B Good says:

hey so i bought a dual double din and there isnt a harness with the pre amp outs,,?? i bought the same metra wire adapter u linked but nothing on the stereo side has any way to plug in the pre amp cables.. ? is it the head unit i got or did u buy something to use those big plugs

Kozmic says:

Where did you get the black trim piece to cover up the gap for the radio?

Caleb Baker says:

Very informative

Chris S says:

Thanks for the video. Have had my 04 coupe for 13 years this month. Low mileage driver mostly garaged and the car is as solid as anything new on the market so why pay50k for a new interior Time to upgrade some of the tech and thanks to your video I am more confident in tackling that myself. Tons of how tos on g35driver as well but always good to see videos. Yours was really helpful. Thanks bud! Hope you are enjoying the upgrade.

Aguiar_VqOfficial says:

do i need to unplug battery ? before starting this process

ming z says:

Thanks for your great video.
My G35 radio stopped working. With your guidelines I’m upgrading my radio to 10.1” 1 din head unit. So I can mount above the climate controller. It will cover the clock a little. Thanks to point that G35 has amp build in, so I will use the pre-amp wire :). After radio, I’m planning 360 camera!

Bryan Menjivar says:

Can you link me please to everything you got so I don’t go through the struggle. Thanks

Thomas Berry says:

Have they added the quality audio chips or whatever was lacking in these Android head units that resulted in inferior sound quality compared to traditional aftermarket head units?

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