Hyundai Tucson HeadLight (Low Beam) Bulb Replacement (2016-2020) | How To Change (Easy!)

Hyundai Tucson HeadLight (Low Beam) Bulb Replacement (2016-2020) | How To Change (Easy!)

Today I’m replacing my Headlight Low Beam bulb on my 2018 Hyundai Tucson, this is also the same process to install or change a front turn signal bulb for a 2016-2020 Hyundai Tucson as well. It’s an easy repair that anyone can make. If you are wondering how to replace the headlight in your Hyundai SUV here’s the steps:
Locate the turn headlight bulb behind your headlight
Turn the socket counterclockwise and gently pull back to remove it
Pull out the old bulb and gently push the new bulb in (avoiding any other wires)
Reinsert the socket and gently turn clockwise to lock back into place

The new bub you’ll need is a Phillips H7, I’ve linked to it below. You might be able to find it cheaper online then in your local auto parts store.

Phillips H7 Bulb:


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laxmi immadisetty says:

4:422 time stamp he popes up

Barry Drake says:

Thank you for sharing your experience! I've been working on my own cars for decades, but watching someone else do this first makes it much easier than figuring it out on my own.

Bob Wilson says:

How about changing the internal shutters so it conforms in Europe.

Jodi Jenkerson says:

Tinker 4:38.5 mark in video!!/

Bailey Notich says:

Thanks!! Worked for me

Joe Mama says:

My bulb is stuck won't twist off

James Pokrivnak says:

I have a brand new 2021 and I can't even get the light to turn after I take the dust cover off I can get the dust cover off from the passenger side low beam but I can't seem to twist the bulb out

Robert D Sheahan says:

I was not able to change mine. When I got into the chamber there was a silver component labeled high voltage. Below that looked like it might be bulb but no way to reach without getting a shock mine is 2016 Tuson Turbo

emeres says:

4:43 little bot 🙂

Roni Slocum says:

Super easy just followed along and done, thanks so much.

Terri Z. says:

Person who knows very little about cars here to say: This is probably the easiest thing that I have ever done concerning my car! Thanks so much for your video to help figure it out… It took me about 10 minutes and mostly the difficult part was just getting the notch to slide back in in the right position once I had the new bulb in!

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