Hyundai Sonata Replacing Headlight Bulb

Hyundai Sonata Replacing Headlight Bulb

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Hyundai Sonata Replacing Headlight Bulb

In today’s video we are going to show you how to replace the front headlight bulb (H7) on a 2013 Hyundai Sonata with a 2.0 turbo engine. How to change the headlight bulb on a Hyundai Sonata. To access the front low beam light bulb you will have to remove the protective cap that protects the light bulb from moisture. Once the cap has been removed a black tab that hold the bulb in place will have to be turned 90 degrees in order to release light bulb out of the holder. Once the socket has been removed simply change the bulb to a new H7 bulb without touching the glass and staining it with oil.

Headlight Bulb:





cooper gross says:

This was super helpful, thank you

JareBareXP says:

I appreciate you thank you for being awsome!!

Arieal Miller says:

Thank you! I was able to change out both bulbs in 5 minutes total! Such simple instructions!

IghtBih says:

Thanks handsome

Sage Moral says:

You just save me thank you for you video

Leo M says:

Why would the light burst out after putting it? Mine did it twice after a few minutes.

kathy mason says:

Thanks that us fairly easy.

JohnAnthony says:

Which way to put the bulb in ? Should the connector be north south or east west ?

Disturbing Star says:

Big help!! Thanks

Jaime Salazar says:

So low beam and high beam are both the h7 bulbs.? The high beam is also the daytime running light as well right?

Braedon Malmholt says:

Is this the same for 2015 Hyundai Sonata limited ? Thanks in advance for any response

GWUALA says:

We never get the finished product … show the lights with the car on

Carlos Morfin says:

friend, if I already changed the bulbs and my lights still don't turn on, what other problem could it be?

Junsik Choi says:

Thanks for the great explanation!

Kick Back Entertainment says:

U sound so aggravating

Eulalio Magana says:

Thank you! Really helpful!

Olisaedu NwaGod says:

I like it bcos it explains clear. I spent $89 just to change one light bulb


Thanks for money savings . Greetings from Chicagoland .

Austin Rouse says:

They keep giving me the h11s for some reason

Ali Al khafaji says:

thanks a lot

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