How to replace hood struts on a Hyundai Sonata 2011 – 2014+

How to replace hood struts on a Hyundai Sonata 2011 – 2014+

How to easily replace hood struts on a 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Hyundai Sonata. These will lift the hood and prevent the hood from falling down on your head.
Hood Struts Used:
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@MSSynsyterGates says:

Thanks for the video man. Saved me alot of money

@bigbare8940 says:

I am ordering mine today. Great video. Any specific grease you would recommend? Dealership wanted to charge me $596. Thanks a lot!!!

@rea8755 says:

Changing headlight bulbs to LEDs and BAM! headache and neck ache galore!
Thanks for your video. The filming of the retaining clip was outstanding.

@billthomas4112 says:

You helped save us a lot of time, and probably we would have ruined the new shocks. The instructions that came with the new shocks were the wrong items, totally wrong. We would have never figured out the simple way to change the shocks, probably would have messed up trying. Please know you helped a grandmother get her car back on the road, changed both shocks in less than 10 minutes. Really appreciate you effort to helping folks

@evj9000 says:

When installing the replacements there is no need to do anything with any of the spring clips. Just push them all the way on till you hear them snap in place.

@richardgoff6739 says:

Thank you. It was very informative.

@codename8418 says:

Thank you bro!

@nash3557 says:

How many newton's should the shocks be able to withstand?

@jefferyronson8950 says:

thanks for your advice.

@JohnPryba says:

The dealer is quoting $600 to do this. Crazy! Glad to see this is a pretty easy fix. Thank you! (Edit — Just installed them tonight and I am super happy. I'm going to also contact the person in charge of the dealership and tell them about the ripoff quote. Sure, they aren't running a charity and are entitled to make a profit, but $600 is just nuts.)

@talk2mrjones says:

My new struts just pushed on and locked. There was no need for using screwdriver on the clips when attaching the new ones.

@FIRED13 says:

It would be even more helpful if you get close up shots of what you are doing with the screw driver tips on both the new and old strut. Likely need a helper for that. Thanks!

@nicolefleenor248 says:

I did all of this and hood got stuck in the upward position and would not allow me to budge the hood

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