How To Replace Front & Rear Brakes 2016 Hyundai Elantra

How To Replace Front & Rear Brakes 2016 Hyundai Elantra

Come along as I show you how to replace the front and rear brakes. I will show you step by step how to get the job done.
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R Hamm says:

Awesome work. Great to see that you double check everything before moving on!

Barry Baker says:

Thanks Jim for a very informative video for 2016 Elantra just wondering what the torque is for front & rear caliber bolts & caliber brackets

Ken weerts says:

Best video ever.

Devin Valentine says:

Not a single video on youtube shows them install the dang V Clips!!! Where can I find out how to install the hardware that comes with the brakes!

T says:

Is the metal plate plate on the inside pad that the caliper piston pushes on supposed to be transferred to the new pads? I bought the Carquest Platinum Professional pads.

Greg Landry says:

should have lubed (with the copper grease or anti seize)the flange between the rotor and hub .makes for easy removal the next time

pacmanlives says:

Great Video! Was having trouble trying to figure out how to get the caliber off. So odd that you had to push the caliber back while its still in the bracket. After I watched your video and bought a breaker bar it was a quick and easy change. First time working on a Hyundai and everything was fairly straight forward

Dan Martinez says:

Please give the torque specs for tighten the bolts. That would be very helpful.

luke stafford says:

Did rotors and pads all the way around following your video. You’re the man Jim!

Marco M says:

Thank you Jim, your video helped me in changing my rotors/pads. Much appreciated.

Jeff Flowers says:

I just did rear brakes on a 16 elantra. I've done brakes on many different cars and have never run across this type of piston on the rear brakes. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't compress them with a C clamp. So I came to youtube and found your video.
I was able to grab the piston with a pair of channel lock pliers and turn them. But I'm still confused how these work. If you have to screw them in to compress them, how do they come out as the pads wear? The tab that fits into the slot will prevent it from unscrewing.

Dan Murphy says:

You hang the caliper so the hose doesn't stretch, thus causing a leak.

Dan Murphy says:

Other videos show the assembly rotated out by the steering wheel.

Martin Determann says:

Was able to successfully change my rear brake pads/rotors thanks to this video. I am a high schooler with virtually no experience, but was easily able to follow. Thank you so much jimthecarguy!

Bobo111 Oliver says:

Video worked great for me. Thanks

Todd T says:

I think mrs. Jim is calling on the shop phone

walter xyz643 says:

good job never use a pick on rear brake boot good idea.

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