How to replace front brakes and rotors on a 2013 Hyundai Elantra

How to replace front brakes and rotors on a 2013 Hyundai Elantra

Here are some of the tools that jimthecarguy uses
Are your brakes squeaking ?.I can show you step by step how to replace the brakes and rotors like a professional mechanic.Easy to follow directions.



Smile_uwokeup _2day says:

U were out of view with da caliper steps springs info. Steps adding grease . But everything else is good info thanks

Stephen Mcgraw says:

Hi Jim the 2013 Elantra that u work on I was wondering if the front wheel bearing are magnetic for a ABS sensor

Stephen Mcgraw says:

Hi Jim the Elantra u worked on I’m doing the dust shield on the rear can you tell me if I remove the wheel bearing do I have to remove the abs or I don’t have too

Stephen Mcgraw says:

Hi i have a 2013 also i will be changing the front rotors and pads also im concerned about the caliper its not leaking but its rusty

ghos7fire says:

Why does that pin have an o ring?

CajunWon Driver says:

Inspected brake pads on my 2013 Elantra. Pads have 25-30% remaining and even wear. However noticed a raised lip on the rotor edge, made it difficult to slide the pads off. Saw this same raised lip in this video. Recommend to cut down that lip now, or when pads are changed? You replaced the rotor without measuring rotor thickness, really required to replace because of this rust lip? -thx

Charlie Sierra says:

I just use a C-clamp and the old brake pad to open the piston all the way. Very helpful vid!

oespo oespo19 says:

Good video, 3 issues, however. 1. Your shot was below camera viewing 2. you didn't use any lube on the outside of the pads to prevent noise 3. never use the new pads to compress piston, also you can use basic large channel locks to compress.

MrShadyfish says:

Great video, but caliper bracket bolts MUST be torqued to spec. not just hand tightened.  That is very important from a safety perspective…could be disastrous if they're not tight enough or overtight.  Also, like someone said…silicone crease on caliper slides…not moly or whatever that black crap is.  But better the wrong grease than no grease.  I've seen many neglected slides.  Most shops don't even touch the slides.

Eduardo Ramirez says:

Are the rear brakes very similar? On a 2013 Hyundai Elantra

thinredlinestandfirm says:

Great video! I’ve done hundreds of brake jobs in my life. Your video and tips helped me easily change brake pads/rotors on daughters car. Thanks for another helpful video.

Arnold P says:

Good day Jim,
Thank you so much for the great set by set video on changing the brakes. Have a bless day.

Dez Beason says:

It would be a great video if you made sure to keep in line with the camera. Everything you did holding in your hands dropped below the lens.

aron john says:

And why arnt u using silicone greese on the pins??

aron john says:

No Anti seize??

Razor E says:

Are the rear brakes largely the same process?

Where exactly where you applying pressure to release the piston ?

Pat Galvin says:

Really great video instruction. You covered everything so well! Thanks

Steven Vega says:

Thanks Jim, I have a '13 Elantra and this was a big help, especially the trick to loosen the screws on the rotor.

John Jenkins says:

Great video, and a great teacher!

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