How to replace front brakes and rotors on a 2009 Hyundai Elantra

How to replace front brakes and rotors on a 2009 Hyundai Elantra

In this video I will show you how to replace the front brakes and rotors.I will also show you how to remove the rusted screws that hold the rotor on to the hub.Removing the screws are very easy when you follow my advice.



Jonathan S says:

I'm gonna do this on my own Elantra 2009 next week. This looks intimidating because I've never done any mechanic work before. But I feel like if I'm successful it'll be a great life experience. I just hope I don't mess up the car.

Mark Hal says:

Six years after you created this video – great information, Jim!

Jaime Nava says:

Thanks, great video

kege1 says:

Jim I'm just skeptical that 6 year old rotors "jumped" off of the spindle. I wish you would have shown some real world pounding or any real tricks to get rust welded rotors off off in the real world.

Jay Landry says:

Can you use general purpose grease to lube those screws?

DaddyBeanDaddyBean says:

Great tip to smack the rotor screws with a drift & hammer. You can also use a longish bolt; I use a big #3 screwdriver and just smack that. To other viewers, the funky fat screwdriver-looking tool briefly shown near the beginning, that we'll get back to later, is an old-school impact driver. Useful when the little rotor screws are seriously stuck. You set the heavy-duty screwdriver bit on one end into the screw recess, and then smack the other end of the tool with a heavy hammer. Under impact, it attempts to turn the bit about 1/8 of a turn, and it really can't cam out of the screw because it's still carrying the forward force from the hammer blow. The tool costs about $20 at the hardware store and you'll hardly ever need it, but when you do need it, good golly, nothing else will do.

Frank Martorano says:

Thanks for the great video. What brand of rotors would you recommend as there are so many and the prices vary. Thanks.

Simple Living says:

I will need to replace a stud & lugnut on 2005 Elantra. What are the proceduresnvolved?

tom sam says:

thanks for this video, i ask about the size of Philips screw driver to remove rotor screws is it PH2 or PH3?

cashewnut35 says:

With the 2007 Elantra … the front brakes are disc and rear brakes are drum brakes?

Hasim Khorakiwala says:

Hello Sir: Great video. One question I have is do I have to bleed the break line?

sfad62 says:

Hello, Thank you for your great video. I just did my brakes following your video. But, I am a bit worried now. Some people warn about caliper mounting bolts vibrating loose and backing out. They say, you should replace the bolts each time with new OEM bolts pre-coated with threadlock, or use Loctite threadlock on old bolts. I would appreciate your advice on this. I checked the repair manual on Autozone website and it does not mention anything about threadlock.

Gavin Knox says:

Thank you good sir! That was a huge help and you pointed out a couple of things I overlooked when I did my brake service.

Todd H says:

Thanks Jim! I watched the video and did mine exactly how you showed. It went smooth and quick. The only hang up was that the rotor was suck on pretty good.

Zaldy Bitonga says:

hi Jim thanks for the response, I did replaced the front break pads and did the oil change as well. Now the breaks seems ok and responding on every press on the break pedal, one thing I've noticed that every time I de- pressed the break pedal I could hear a short squeak sound.
Before when I pressed the break pedal I hear the long squeaky sound and after replacing the front break pads I hear a short squeak sound when de-pressing the break pedal. What could be the problem?

Zaldy Bitonga says:

hey Jim great video for DIY guy like me, looks easy hope I could do that too.. I don't know which of the breaks I'm going to. replace (it sounds squeaky everytime I step on my break pedal) if its the front or the back. Do i need to replace the rotor too?

Rick Boyer says:

Hey Jim do you need to bleed the brakes on these as in older vehicles

Brandon Black says:

torque specs ?

mikedevv1 says:

Great detailed video Jim. It's people like you who share the knowledge that makes youtube great!

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