HOW TO INSTALL FOG LIGHTS IN A 2012-2017 HYUNDAI ACCENT & VERNA| Easy DIY foglight installation!

HOW TO INSTALL FOG LIGHTS IN A 2012-2017 HYUNDAI ACCENT & VERNA| Easy DIY foglight installation!

Heres a DIY I made for installing some new Fog lights I bought for my 2017 Hyundai Accent! This install video will work and can be followed for any Hyundai Accent or Verna from years 2012 to 2017. Hope it helps!

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Parts used:
Foglight Kit for ’12-’17 Hyundai Accent –
BEAMTECH LED 881 Foglight Bulbs 6500K White –

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Henyz says:

Consider AliExpress. They got some unique fog lights with an led strip that goes along what you wrapped black. Also has a amber for your turn signals.

“Flashing 1Pair DRL For Hyundai Accent Solaris Verna Daytime Running Light Fog Light cover Signal lamp”.

Casey Archer says:

My wiring set is just slightly different than yours. My red light does not turn on, and there isn’t any positive or negative cable coming from the switch connector side. There is just one yellow wire that says “ACC” so I’m guessing it’s an accessory wire that needs to be hooked up. I fiddled with it a bit and all of the connections are right, it’s just that one yellow wire. I hooked it up to the wipers and the green light would flicker on and off only when the wipers were going. This was in the fuse box under the hood, and when I tried hooking it up to the fuse box under the dash, the stereo wouldn’t turn off when the key was out of the ignition??? So I just pulled out the wire and my stereo is fine again. Pretty weird. I’ll get it eventually.

Mark says:

Thank you for the demonstration!!

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