[HOW TO] Install a Catch Can on a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0T

[HOW TO] Install a Catch Can on a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0T

This is how to install a catch can on a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport with a 2.0L Turbo motor. This will be similar on previous years 2.0T motors as well as 2.4L N/A motors.

The catch can I am using is made by Elite Engineering. It is the E2 can. Here is a link to their website: http://www.eliteengineeringusa.com/

Also, Kia vehicles with the 2.0T and 2.4L N/A will be similar.

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sam wong says:

what is the hose size (mm) to connect from PCV valve

Drew Thompson says:

So did it catch anything? I've read that Hyundai has an internal "catch can", so is this necessary?

icantfindit008 says:

Clearest explanation on this planet. Can u tell me if all tube and catch can intake outtake valve have the same sized diameter? Meaning if i buy a random can will yhere be any air flow problems or is the airflow at a very low pressure?

Cory 919 says:

Any follow up video on how much fluid the can caught?.. Draining video?.. I have the same Santa Fe 2.0T and would like to install a can also..

knightky007 says:

the motor is the same as my 15 Sonata 2.0T. Do you install one more for the line going from the crankcase back to the Turbo?

Rob V says:

Thanks for the video✌

Enzo Pianelli says:

The piece of tubing you bought what size is that? Is that a 9/16 tubing or some other size? You don't mention it. Thanks for your help.

01stockton says:

You stated that you slightly modified it, what kind of modification did you make? Also, when choosing this product, they ask for the specific type of vehicle that I will be using this catch can on, which one did you select because they don’t give you the option of picking Hyundai or Kia vehicles? I have a 2016 Optima with the 2.0T engine, and I would like to install an oil catch can. Thanks you.

01stockton says:

Is this the same motor used on the Sonata and Kia Optima? I have an 2017 optima with the 2.0T engine. Thanks

silver4K says:

You should use the 3 rd port for WOT tap into air intake in front of the Throttlebody . That will give you continuous evacuation . That’s what I understand don’t know for sure but with the RX can that’s the way they explained it. Good vid thanks

Marty889 says:

Thanks for the video, I was looking at doing this to my new Santa Fe as well and curious how the plumbing was on it. Looks pretty simple, and I can take it out when I go to the dealer for service work so they can't say anything about voiding my warranty!

Patrick Rogers says:

Great video.  I'm new to the 2.0T.  Do you have – or can your recommend – a video on how to change the oil?  Is there anything special about changing the oil on this turbo.  I always do my own oil changes, if at all possible.  thanks!

Tracy Lewis says:

Excellent as always!!! But with the turbo, you MUST use the dual valve and both checkvalves.

ImStricken06 says:

good video man. glad to see a video done on a turbo

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