How to fix Steering wheel coupler of 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT removal install repair full detail

How to fix Steering wheel coupler of 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT removal install repair full detail

Step by step how to repair / removal and install / diagnose for infamous steering wheel coupler of Hyundai vehicles

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Joey Witt says:

Great video I'm with the lawsuit

Rodney Z says:

anyone able to help me figure out where the power plug to the steering wheel computer is?

after test driving, I realize my steering wheel doesn't center properly and I bleieve the power plug to the steering wheel control computer is not connected. But I can't find this plug!!

Izaiaz Barrera says:

I got it. Thank you for help. that one bolt on bottom of steering column was a pain..took me about 15 min!

Supreme Limo says:

Llevo 2 horas intentando colocar nuevamente la dirección, lo que tu haces en el min 38:46… Es super incómodo, ya estoy frustrado.

Jay Medeiros says:

There needs to be a class action lawsuit for this issue. It is happing far too often and makes driving quite dangerous.

My 2013 Hyundai Elantra has this issue and I’m fixing it this week. There is a chemical reaction happening between the lubricant in the motor or assembly and the coupling washer. Clearly the engineers didn’t evaluate the rubber material or the lubricants used in the motor or the vendors may not have been supplying the correct material. It probably should be Viton. The coupler on mine was as soft as chewing gum and had to be scraped/brushed out of the housing.

Matthew Chappell says:

Great info. Unfortunately, my motion sickness with this video was too much and I had to lie down and let the nausea pass. Some viewers will have trouble with that. Appreciate the model-specific video. Will be fixing my 13 GT soon.

Evelyn Ego-ugan says:

Watching without skipping ads

tony castro says:

awesome work,,,very detailed and to the point,,,,,,tnx ,,,,,hardest part was to align the steering wheel back to put back bolt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,uffffffffffffffffff

Evelyn Ego-ugan says:

Watching,sending love and support po

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