How to Fix 12V Power Outlet/Cigarette Lighter – Hyundai Elantra (2017-2018)

How to Fix 12V Power Outlet/Cigarette Lighter – Hyundai Elantra (2017-2018)

With cell phones and other automotive plug-in accessories becoming the norm, we’ve come to depend on those cigarette lighter-turned outlets to power them while we drive. And when they suddenly stop working …panic sets in as you watch your phone’s life dwindle down!

This video show you how to replace the fuse that powers the 12V outlets on 2017 hyundai elantra / 2018 hyundai elantra

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Shakeel Ahmad says:

Please can you guide me for Sonata 2020

Pikachu209 says:

Didn't work for my car

rage says:

bro I owe you a beer if we ever should meet. I'm pretty good with cars but didn't realize there was one fuse under the dash for the "cigarette lighter" and one under the hood for power outlet. my left front and middle 12v sockets haven't worked since I got my 2018. I've looked at many videos that never mention the power outlet fuse. I checked that amd sure enough it was blown. I replaced it with the extra fuses in the hood for box now all of them work! thank you so much for this video!

MrSpeedo804 says:

I have a 2017 Santa Fe Sport. Neither of the cigarette sockets have power. Is it possible that both Fuses are bad? Only 25,000 miles on car. Is the Fuse the only problem it could be?

T Jac says:

Great video.. i was wondering do it fix the rear power outlet on a 2013 hyundai tucson ..can't find a video on it

Julio D G says:

Hello friend, I changed the fuses of the two power cigarettes and they broke again, do you have any idea why that happens?

Happy Raikoti says:

I change but still didn't work of driver site what should I do please help ?

ReavenM1911A1 says:

Does the 2007 Elantra have a fuse box like in the video? What about replacement fuses withe the vehicle

yoshiman76 says:

hello, can this same problem be used to fix the center console not turning on at all?? Heat and everything works except the power to the radio/screen and the outlets

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