Haunted Hyundai is BACK?! -Part 2 (GDI Injector Repair)

Haunted Hyundai is BACK?! -Part 2 (GDI Injector Repair)

Here we go…time to replace the broken GDI Injector #5 on this 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe.

My first GDI injector replacement…and probably not the last.

Will the Haunted Hyundai throw us some more CURVE BALLS?





Phillip Lopez says:

It is a swage block . You will swage the sealing ring into the groove .

Monte Stu says:

Hyundai makes some good catalytic converters to survive that much fuel!

Crispr Talk says:

This HYundai is providing a lot of viewing entertainment for me! 🙂

Dale Fluegel says:

Ivan wouldn’t you offer to clean the valves because as they carbon up they start to cause misfires- which may lead the customer thinking your repair caused the misfire.

00taohio says:

If i was to keep this POS all injectors would have been replaced. I would sell this thing immediately never would have bought one to begin with. Nice video nice work.

Skidrow Slasher says:

That motor is trash I would never buy that. I'll stick to my 30 year old ford explorer and my 27 year old ford ranger both will out last that Hyundai.

A Sid says:

So does the customer pay for the special tool?

Jose Silveira says:

This job requires the patience of a saint! This over-engineered engine is totally service unfriendly, almost if designed to be serviceable by dealers only. Great job Ivan!
That smoke looked like oil smoke, but it could be due to oil diluted with gas. Didn't expect a Part 3! Could there be some micro fuel leak into combustion chamber? Crazy!

Robert Moura says:

On a situation like this where a lot of work is envolved, it would be wise to change all of them at once to avoid more sooner than later to replace another one, and yeesss these gdi sucks costs more to maintain and what it saves on fuel or environment. Good job.

Dependable Auto Truck says:

think about it cost the same to drive all vehicles if you drive long enough to have to make repairs. worse the mileage cheaper the parts better mileage more expensive repairs. its like a diesel as long as you never have to make a repair you can save money BUT if it ever breaks you will most likely spend much more than you ever saved in fuel expenses. thats why i drive a 1994 ram 2500 and wife drives a 2002 ram 1500 not great mileage but super cheap upkeep on them.

sam bitar says:


Bill Malec says:

Remind me not to buy a Hyundai GDI.
All these problems because of the EPA.

Bass Hunter says:

Owned an 89 1.4 manual Hyundai I bought used with 60,000 miles in 98. I put another 65,000 miles on it before getting rear ended at a traffic light. All I did when I bought it was mount new tires/alignment, brakes (easiest brakes I ever installed), and normal maintenance (oil changes, etc…). When it was totaled it ran as good as the day I bought it (paid $700)! It's amazing how all these car manufacturers sink gobs of money into researching how to screw the consumer in the least obvious way possible, at the exact time the warranty expires! And it isn't exclusive to Hyundai.

Annie Renard says:

excellent video, thank you

jcnikoley says:

I suppose I should trust you’re doing it correctly, but it seems to me that using that swaging tool to install the new seals, some lube might help, and not reversing the direction of rotation during removal.

Barry S says:

This Hyundai is interesting. I have seen plenty of these Kia/Hyundai 3.3 V6 vehicles go well into the 200k mile range with very few issues. I know someone that has a 2015 Kia Sorento 3.3 that has been badly abused with maintenance, and it currently has 210k miles with no engine issues. I guess this could just be one of those bad luck cases, but this isn't the norm for these V6 engines.

Yo Momma says:

Never got the chance to work on a direct injected vehicle. Thanks for the video.

Pedro Equis says:

WatchJrGo just used a BIC pen cap rather than a costly tool to replace the injector seals on a Saturn Sky

Jay Criqui says:

JUNK ON WHEELS!!! I will keep all my older cars!! and I will never work on that crap!! hope IVAN got paid good money!!!

Yo Momma says:

That tool is a miniature version of the one that you use to install the pressure seals in an automatic transmission.

Phil Phil says:

I drive a 2008 Toyota Yaris. Rides like a go-cart…. but 200K runs and runs, 40 MPH. I'll keep.

A Physics Professor says:

Right now there are Hyundai dealer mechanics sitting back chuckling with thoughts of "and now you understand my pain".

Rich B says:

Hi it's engines like this that make people choose another career. I don't think that I would do that job unless I had all new injectors.
good luck! doing this once is more than one can bear.

Dan's Learning Curve says:

Is the EGR system feeding all of the junk to the intake?
EDIT Reading other comments, I learned it's the PVC system feeding the junk!

Don D'Egidio says:

Hi Ivan,
That was some procedure needed to replace one injector. Doesn't bode well for Subaru GDI engines. I hope in part 3 you can solve all the problems. You and your family stay safe.

Kevin Barry says:

Hyundai said they wanted to make their cars more like the Germans. It looks like they have succeeded

Rick Murphy says:

Is there a cricket in your garage?

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