DIY Fix for Non-Opening Hyundai Door Latch (2015-2021)

DIY Fix for Non-Opening Hyundai Door Latch (2015-2021)

Today I am going to show you how to fix a 2016-2021 Hyundai Tuscon door locking issue where when you click the unlock button on the key the door doesn’t actually unlock. This will be by replacing the door locking actuator. The dealer would charge you over $1000 to do this repair so hopefully this will save some of you money! This is a common problem for these tucson where the cables that lock and unlock the door get stretched out and need replaced. This leaves people having to click the unlock button multiple times or not being able to open the door form the outside.

This DIY does not take a lot of tools. You only need a panel popper tool which you can find at any hardware store or harbor freight for under $10. The rest is just a phillips screw driver and a socket set or impact if you have one. and finally a T30 Torx bit which can be found at most hardware and automotive stores.

The part you need to order is Hyundai Part#81310 D3010 which is the latch assembly. they are door specific so if you are changing this on another door you will need to order a different part number.

The First step is to remove the door panel which is fairly easy by popping the clips out and removing a couple philips screws.

The nest portion is disconnecting all electrical plugs that attach the door panel to the door.(roll window down first)

second you will need to remove a few plugs to gain access to the bolts that hold in the window. You will have to roll the window to make the bolts align with the holes you removed the plugs from.

next you will want to remove the black cover inside of the door that has screws all around the perimeter. once you do this you will be able to access the actual locking mechanism.

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Hows the charger daytona clone coming along?

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Allen Beaulieu says:

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