2022-ON Hyundai Santa Cruz – ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover Install Video

2022-ON Hyundai Santa Cruz – ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover Install Video

Learn how easy it is to install an ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover on a 2022-ON Hyundai Santa Cruz! Expertly created and uniquely designed to fit the Santa Cruz SAV truck box, this truck bed cover is sure to live up to your expectations. Follow this installation video along with the special bolt on side rail and header bar instructions to install your Santa Cruz Tonneau Cover. Then, finish the installation by using the ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover standard instructions.

For Hyundai Santa Cruz ACCESS® Tonneau Cover Instructions, visit our website: https://www.accesscover.com/instructions

For more information about ACCESS® Tonneau Covers visit our website: https://www.accesscover.com

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Camay Oliveira says:

For the cruz, did anyone order the 4" 8" cover?

If so, will that fit the 4ft 4" my cruz bed is measuring at. I see that the 4ft 8inch is the only option for this truck on the website

Who-shot-yaa says:

Is this the tonnosport cover?

Cliff Adams says:

I actually like this more then the one you get from the factory.

Andrew B says:

Just got my Cruz, will be installing this weekend!

The Nothing Network says:

Just purchased this and can't with to install

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