Replacing broken wheel hubs and brakes on hummer h2, after taking hummer for an MOT it was discovered i had a loose front wheel on further inspection my hub bolts had sheered of. After ordering new hubs brake disks and pads i began the challenge of replacing all the components, not such a simple procedure it took a lot of brute force a very long bar and some fire. The nut came free i was able to change all the parts except for the pistons in the calliper which were destroyed beyond repair.



Boss Prepping says:

Might as well done your axles and steering components when you was in there lol. Those will be next. Also was this a 6,12, or a 24 pack of beer job?

King Ralph says:

Torque spec is 177 lbs on spline nut you over tighted them with that impact drill !

Robin Murray says:

Squeeze those brake pads together with a large C-clamp to compress the caliper pistons..then the caliper just falls pry bar struggling..

CHEVYBOY !! says:

What size is the big socket?

Jack Vaughan says:

Just to let you know when you change the disc's on a car or truck you are best off putting brake clean on a cloth and wiping them, then drying them otherwise the brakes could slip a bit.

Also I recommend putting some copper anti seize on the back of the pads as it stops them from siezing

Binary1001 says:

You know someone is clever when they’re good at fixing cars even though they aren’t mechanics and have a total different trade. Where ever ive worked the most technically minded guys who took pride in their work also happened be into cars/fix their own.

Alexis Threlfall says:

Jesus Rob! 5:12 you're going to bust your ratchet doing that! Buy yourself a 3/4" breaker bar and appropriate socket, and don't ever use a cheater bar on a ratchet, the teeth won't live very long otherwise! I do hope you torqued the bolt to 234Nm when you finished rather than just that impact gun tight?

I also tend to coat the back of the pads in copper anti-sieze, and the same with the wheel studs. Any reason you couldn't just buy new wheel studs and press the snapped ones out, or were the hub bearing knackered anyway?

susan morgan says:

SOME GUY THEE. ROB ,take care . cheers Mick.

monkayjim999 says:

Great video, how much did you pay for all those new parts?

Richard Fagan says:

Haha, made me laugh when you cut to the flames!

BIN3RY says:

Won't that ruin your wheels with it dripping?

Screen Apple says:

lol. this dude doesn't have time… he wants to build train set … now, focus cars. lol.

ALG1K says:

Get a brake pipe clamp to stop the fluid all leaking out

James Foster says:

Love the videos bro hello from Manchester

D5DRIFT says:

New subscriber here! Great video mate. Can't believe the amount of corrosion of the underside components. Great work tho pal

Craig says:

That caliper has contaminated those pads. Need new pads now

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