Quick Fix Hummer H2 GM Exhaust Manifold Leak

Quick Fix Hummer H2 GM Exhaust Manifold Leak

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The GMC Hummer EV originates from discontinued Hummer brand (stylized HUMMER) of General Motors. The Hummer brand itself was created by AM General, the manufacturer of the HUMVEE light military vehicle. On June 1, 2009, as a part of the General Motors bankruptcy announcement, the company revealed that the Hummer brand would be discontinued.

Edition 1
Arriving to production line in 2022, Edition 1 is the sole model available for the first year and considered to be a limited edition that was available for pre-order by the end of the launch event on October 20, 2020. All Edition 1 units are white with a black roof with bronze-colored wheels and a two-tone black-and-gray interior with bronze accents and Edition 1 badges. In addition, the Edition 1 will feature Easter eggs themed after the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Edition 1 has three electric motors with 1,000 hp (750 kW; 1,000 PS), 329 mi (529 km) of range,[6] and comes fully loaded with the Extreme Off-Road package, which includes 35-inch mud-terrain tires, skid plates, and rock sliders.

The Hummer EV Edition 1 sold out in the first 10 minutes of opening the pre-orders. The Edition 1 is expected to be available Fall 2021.

One of the exclusive features introduced with the Hummer EV and comes standard in Edition 1 is the new “Crab Walk”, which allows the Hummer EV to travel diagonally by using a four-wheel steer. Edition 1 also includes UltraVision underbody cameras for easier off-road maneuverability and visibility, Watts to Freedom system, adaptive air suspension, steel underbody armor, Extract Mode (lifts the suspension six inches for more clearance), Super Cruise (GM’s driver assistance system that allows for automatic lane change and hands-free driving on compatible highways that have been mapped by GM), a digital key, removable roof panels, GMC’s MultiPro Tailgate.

In Extract Mode approach, departure, breakover angles are 49.7, 38.4 and 32.2 degrees respectively. Ground clearance is 15.9 in (403.9 mm), maximum water fording depth is 32 in (812.8 mm). GMC estimates wall-climbing ability at 18 inches and suspension travel at 13 inches

Nearly identical to Edition 1, the Hummer EV3x features as standard Crab Walk, UltraVision, adaptive air suspension, steel underbody armor, Extract Mode, Super Cruise, a digital key, removable roof panels, and MultiPro Tailgate. However, the EV3x will feature different paint colors, unlike the Edition 1. The EV3x is powered by three electric motors and includes torque vectoring, and ‘Watts to Freedom’ system that allows the full acceleration capability of the EV propulsion system.

The EV3x will output an estimated 800 hp (600 kW; 810 PS) with 300+ miles of range, and is expected to be available in Fall of 2022.

Includes all the features of EV2; however, it will also come standard with 4-wheel steer, crabwalk, adaptive air suspension with adaptive ride control, and optional Extract mode. This trim will output an estimated 625hp using a dual motor system, will have an estimated 300+ miles of range, and is expected to be available in Spring of 2023.

This is the base Hummer EV trim which will include super cruise, HD surround view, digital key, infinity roof, a multi pro tailgate, and rear drop glass among other standard features. The EV2 will output an estimated 625hp using a dual motor system, with an estimates 250+ miles of range. It is expected to be available Spring 2024.

The Hummer EV will be produced at GM’s Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly plant in Michigan. Production of the Hummer EV SUT commenced on November 17, 2021, with the Hummer EV SUV is expected to start production in Early 2023. The company recently invested $2.2 billion in the plant for the production of these electric vehicles



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