Installing aFe Exhaust on Hummer H2 Before and After

Installing aFe Exhaust on Hummer H2 Before and After

In this video, my girlfriend and I install an exhaust on a Hummer H2 after doing a 4 wheel brake job as well. The exhaust sounds great but we run into problems on our test drive…

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A J says:

How loud is this while driving and is there much interior drone?

Datz Luke H2 says:

Just bought my AFE EXHAUST!! Gonna Paint mines with a high heat VHT Paint!! It’ll be delivered October 2nd!!! $760 on EBay!! Cant wait to install it!!

seamalulion says:

you know the whole reason the exhaust was where it was is for ground clearance on slopes. but im guessing you don't drive your H2 the way it was made for. Rock climbing, off road, mudding, etc.

Destaye says:

I have a 2003 same color. H2's are Divas until you upgrade and replace the issues… You waterproof the leak areas yet.

DarthFN says:

Lol. just take that bitch to 105 and stand on the brakes. it would be a lot faster!

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