Headlight Switch Replacement Hummer H3

Headlight Switch Replacement Hummer H3

Quick video on how to replace the headlight switch in a hummer h3



vignesh kumar says:

I am trying to replace the window switch lamps, but I am wondering which kind of lights I have to buy before removing the old ones.

aerynsund3066 says:

hey just finished doing ujoints on my 08 h3. then had a no staart issue checked every damn fuse, relay took fese relay board apart cleaned it put contact lube. Found out it was a damn bad ground wire. fixed that. ar runs. New Problem No headlights. last night i had highbeams but no low today reran fuse box checked to make sure all fuses and relays were right. they are. dont know what the sam hell is going on. any help would be appreciated. mines a stick shift automaticks suck!!

Alexander Braunstein says:

Hey Julie, would you know the actually size bulb for the main lights switch in this video? Would it also be a T4 like the others?

Also? I’m curious as the size of the rear window nob. And the lights behind the 4 wheel drive buttons up top !

I would truly appreciate your thoughts !

albert L says:

the switch wires are thin? they go to relays mostly?

Ermin says:

Hi Julie,

I recently have been experiencing problems with headlight of my H3 when they are in Auto mode. When I drive at night, my headlights turn off for about 3 seconds and come back on. This happens every 25 minutes or so. When I have them turned on in manual (always on) mode..everything is OK. My fogg lamps turn off at the time of the event no matter if headlights are in Auto or Manual mode. I recently washed engine to clean it and lid on fuse box was not sealed properly so water might have gotten in it. I already replaced headlight relay and that did not resolve the issue. Also, my backup camera is not turning on when I put my H3 in reverse. I suspect that it could be headlight switch but some people also reported auto light sensor could be the issue too. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you. I appreciate it.

clear sky says:

Hi Julie, I have hummer h3, 3.7 engine, 2008 model.. My problem is( Acc off) in the dashboard, on the same day it can do, but later it's off, could you please lead me what should I do?

#801ECC says:

My lights on my 08 h3 alpha wont turn off, even with the ignition off. Swapping out this switch is about my last resort. Will this switch cause this issue?

DraccoKnightblade says:

Thank god. My switch won't turn my dome light on anymore and I'm almost certain its causing a power drain. So I'm swapping mine out soon. Thanks!

TheDarkSide says:

Thank you for this video. My switch no longer turn my low beams on but highs work. Would replacing that part fix this issue or is there more involved?

SAR Dan says:

I greatly appreciate your video's… How about one for removing the rear door panel for the upper break light?!?


Awesome video thanks alot very helpful

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