FREE 3min DIY Lift for Hummer H2 (Crank torsion keys) No need for leveling kit! How To

FREE 3min DIY Lift for Hummer H2 (Crank torsion keys) No need for leveling kit!  How To

After my last video I came to the conclusion that I need to Lift the Hummer H2! So I cranked the Keys. The results Surprised me!

If you want a Scoundrel sticker check them out!

Thanks Hailen Jackson for the Vlog music!


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Scuba Steve says:

Like your H2 videos. Love my H2. Have had my keys cranked on it for 7 yrs. don’t have binding issues or anything with the axles or suspension. Did convert to coils in rear. Much happier with the ride and stability off road.I run 37” tires no issues with rubbing.

Donald Shelton says:

U had any trouble with your suspension since the torsion lift…still riding ok

CTAx3 says:

Were you able to get it properly aligned? I did the same thing, and a shop round these parts said it couldn't be aligned now since it was a torsion bar lift. Bout to take it to a different shop to get a second opinion, but I'm curious about your experience.

Christopher Gregory says:

After add that 2” lift can you now add a 37” on it?

engineer12v says:

Thats pretty airheaded move with the floor mat

Beast Man says:

It's not embarrassing I have had more embarrassing things so don't feel embarrassed. says:

"The only downside." Yeah that is not good. You've got major camber issue there pulling bottom of tires in. Mine is 41.5" front/rear from the same measurement and with stock tires about 50 percent worn. I'd put those bolts back where they were and level it the right way.

ER KO says:

I appreciate you. Send me the chick.

Bob Belloff says:

YW on the emblems, my man. Use them in good health.

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