Fix Your Hummer H3 Rear Cargo Nets!

Fix Your Hummer H3 Rear Cargo Nets!

This works on all model years of H3s and H3Ts.

Buy The Cargo Seat Clips Here:

Full Disclosure: I am not being paid to make this video. These are my own opinions. I did receive this product to review at no cost, but I did have to pay shipping. Really, I am just helping to promote an awesome product for a fellow Hummer owner.

Check Out Alpha H3T:

He Also has a business account:

Alpha H3T also has a video on it as well:

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4 Low Mode says:

Hey everyone just a quick update! In the video I said the clips were available on Ebay. Alpha H3T (The guy making the clips) is now expanding his product line and is now selling them on his new website which is . The updated link to purchase is in the description!

The Fury says:

i just bought one and doing a ton of work on it.
any idea where i can get cheap weather stripping?

Michael Lambert says:

This is cool, just when I’m about to just screw the clips onto the seat!

Ryan Twomey says:

is there replacement nets available since i've been looking at h3's and cargo nets are usually missing

Jmpmaster83 says:

I just bought a 2009 H3 and I have mine but yup they suck

Sherry Johnson says:

Thank you greatly

Chitownpyro says:

You’re a huge life saver 🙂 thank you

Lamar S says:

Nice video! Thanks for sharing. I thought it was just my H3. laseddesigns are sold out of these..for now.

Ricovette says:

AWESOME upload! Thumbs up from me as usual Brother… Stay safe… Rico

larry b says:

Just baught a h3 and so frustrating with them falling off even when just cleaning this

M Villa says:

@4low Mode thanks sooooo much, I have a H3 and your rt there's not a ton of H3 anything aftermarket anything or Videos on How to's so I truly appreciate your ch. I been looking to find a way to fix this annoying problem for a long time. So salute to you for finding and displaying this fix.

R B says:

Too bad I threw mine away

Андрей Стрельцов says:

thanks for the advice!

Melody Cain says:

This is awesome! Was wondering why a lot of them didn’t have the cargo nets. Hopefully find this guy on EBay that made the clips.

Tommy W. says:

I just bought a used H3 about a month ago and man do I love it! I really like your videos, I’ve watched quite a few of them and they are super helpful. I’m currently dealing with the abs light and traction/stab control fail lights being on ugh… had my rims cleaned up and bead resealed on them cause the tires were losing air ever so slowly. Thinking it might be something related to the tires being removed and sensors not connected correctly again when they were put back on. Seems to be quite a few people that have had a similar issue but I don’t see one single factor being the culprit for the warning lights. It seems like there are many different causes for them to pop on. Do you have any suggestions? You seem to know a lot about H3’s! I’m officially a channel subscriber cause this is awesome information, so thank you for your videos! I appreciate you taking the time to make them cause it helps this H3 rookie trouble shoot things before needing to take it to a mechanic!

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