Why Am I The ONLY Mechanic That Can FIX This Honda Fit?

Why Am I The ONLY Mechanic That Can FIX This Honda Fit?

There are somethings in life I’ll never understand and this is one of them. This 2012 Honda Fit has had other jobs done at multiple shops and the Honda dealer over the last couple years since the electric door lock broke. Every mechanic and even the Honda dealer has come back and said they didn’t want to fix it. I called Honda to try and buy the part new yesterday and they made it a horrible experience trying to get a VIN for a simple part that the same across the entire generation. I googled the part number and gave it to the parts person and suddenly it was no big deal to find it, but it was special order and wouldn’t be in for days. Today we’re going to solve this problem by sacrificing another Honda Fit to the Gods. Then we’re going to fix the headlights.

Headlight Restoration Kit: https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/turtle-wax/paint—body/headlight-lens-repair-and-restoration/bce6da38ed6d/turtle-wax-headlight-restorer/tur0/t240kt?pos=1

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Pie Peeya says:

So would the back driver door be the same. Mine doesn't work and baby locks don't come off….I have to open driver door to let someone out of the back passenger side. mine is 2015

Latifah Lewis says:

I have this same Honda Fit color and year and never had this issue. The only problem I had with mines is that stupid green key coming on, idk what thats about -_-

Ray Adams says:

Thanks for the Turtle Wax tip.
I'll pick some up tomorrow.

Clinton Turner says:

I always use the cheapest Aim toothpaste paper towels and water from a spray bottle to make my head lights clear, on my Smart Car. It works great.

David Gilpin says:

2008 Suburban: every external door handle broke, one at a time (plastic=stupid, should be metal,) I was dumb and had the stealer replace them ($500 each.) 2013 Toyota Highlander: I have replaced all 4 door lock actuators, learned my lesson, did them myself. 2010 Kia Optima: right front door lock actuator. All of these are very common complaints. Components are not built for longevity; they are designed to be CHEAP and to last until the car warranty is exhausted. Some newer cars disable the AIR CONDITIONING if you ignore the Check Engine Light for very long (aka "the money light") to annoy you to go for service.

Please support any "Right to Repair" laws in your state so we can continue the long-honored tradition of being able to Work On Our Own Stuff! #righttorepair

Aqeebah says:

I have a 2008 fit sport and im in Nigeria, its an awesome littlr machine and ive got 271,000miles on it but my biggest challenge os sourcing parts for my darling little car.

John Fanion says:

A wonderful woman gifted my daughter an early fit…when it was wrecked she bought her another one…never a single problem ..ever..thank you good lady..God bless yall

Federico Aguilar says:

I´ve had the same issue in a 94 honda accord but not in just one door but in the four of them, i´ve had to dissasemble all four door panels and repair some loose plastic teeth inside the door´s actuator with superglue. A six hour job and lots of arm cuts due to sharp edges, but the doors closed nicely since then.

Jason M says:

Not a Fit owner, but still bummed Honda killed them in the States. One of the best cars at doing what it was designed to do (cheap, efficient, reliable, and spacious (while not being overly miserable to drive)). Super practical car.

Earl Wheelock says:

Didn't you hear of a impact driver ? There a lot cheaper and more controllable than an electronic impact driver

AYM W says:

I saw that you have a hard time taking out some screws. A lot of American mechanic doesn't know. For Japanese car. You need a set of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screwdriver bit and a manual impact screwdriver to unscrew Japanese car screw from the door. Search YouTube and learn how to use impact screwdriver.

Craftsman McVMAX Von-Cherokee says:

Is it like the old school Hondas where you have to hold the outside door handle up when lock doors? It was like a super easy way you know you not going to lock yourself out

V-G C says:

The best way to take those latch screws would be” hit them up with a torch for 10-20 seconds” They have some kind of lock tite. Nice tutorial

James Espin says:

McGuire polish took all the fogginess away but the spray didn't work so well for my headlight.

Front 242 says:

cos you're a youtubber

Front 242 says:

my car is near 10 years old and has never had foggy lights, each to their own.

Антон Геращенко says:

Great and thorough explainer. Had same troubles with unscrewing those outer door lock screws on my Civic lol.

Imcrikee says:

After 30 years since plastic headlights first introduced to vehicles, car makers still unable to find the right plastic to make them. Why dọn't they just make the lense by glass and kept the rest plastic?

A B says:

A smart bear wouldn't even lock his car in today's criminal coddling environment. Locking the door gives the disadvantaged youth a reason to break your window and get in

shofan says:

So how much did LKQ charge?

Tony's Tech & Car's says:

Honda Jazz…

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