Restoration of a Rare Honda Integra TYPE R

Restoration of a Rare Honda Integra TYPE R

Restoration of a Rare Honda Integra TYPE R, transformation of this also know Acura Rsx. A build completed over many months. A car rebuild that over many months I brought back to life

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Mad4Motors says:

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嵐太郎 says:


James Christopher Rebuyas says:

I subscribe today and planning to watch previous videos coz I found it interesting and I just started working in a auto repair shop where we usually do restorations

Andrew Sherman says:

What an amazing transformation I'd love to know how much it cost

mnhuu says:

Superb amazing find even better restoration

Zack Rides says:

Awesome rebuild! I'm curious why you clear-coated the headlights… doesn't look that great. I've had better results sanding as you did, up to 2000, and then polishing with body compound. The only downside was they needed to be polished up every few months. Maybe polishing and THEN clear coating is the way to go?

Δаσ Αcid says:

Found the channel this week. Hope your channel grows dude.

Trevor says:

Gotta keep those Type-Rs on the road.. great restoration

Dev XO says:


872003lmg says:

One of the best body and in cab restorations video I’ve seen

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