Restoration of a Rare Honda Civic TYPE R

Restoration of a Rare Honda Civic TYPE R

Restoration of a Rare Honda Civic TYPE R, transformation of this ek9 honda civic type r. A car rebuild that over many months I brought back to life.
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I—ShArPiE—I says:

This was the best 23 mins of my life. Thanks for the video man this was awesome. I can tell you busted your ass.

Иван Полонский says:

В кусты отвёз потом якобы случайно нашел

ViolentUzi says:

youre actually amazing, insta sub

Wayne Chin says:

I was seriously drooling at every second of this video. Your skills are god-hand. Absolutely the most incredible single-handed restoration I've ever seen in my life! I wish I had 1/10th of 1% of your talent!

Mrkck says:

This man is such a legend, he doesnt even need working clothes, hes doing it in jeans xDD

Shahrooz Shadbakht says:

I love how you keep it as stock as possible

Minitruckinaintdead says:

Please God some one give a link for the carpet

Magic Yoshi11 says:

Literally such a beautiful car, thank you for restoring her. Those late 90's civics have a special place in my heart

LEFRANCOIS Jean Pierre says:

joli travail bravo

MrSystane says:

I've had friends in the past use chapstick or Vaseline on the engine cover lettering before painting so that it just wipes off easy afterwards. Might help you in future restorations if you're interested. Amazing work, love watching your videos

seb opc says:

nice to see that the civic found some love 🙂

Jeffery Crews says:

Super nice

brio9o5 says:

If the engine ran so smooth, why did the previous owner remove it? Did you ask them? Top job though.

vtec and dohc says:

Would you kindly restore my car

Jean Aresi says:

to começando a achar que foi você quem escondeu esse carro ai só pro vídeo kkkkkkkkkk

Mr Porte says:

a true testament to honda engineering that a 23 year old car didn't have a massive engine rebuild.

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