Install Reverse Glow Gauges on a Honda Civic

Install Reverse Glow Gauges on a Honda Civic

This video shows step by step on how to install gauge faces on a Honda Civic.
I ordered mine on Ebay just search for (96-00 EK Civic EX EL Glow Gauge White Face Reverse AT)

Disclaimer : Jr Productions is not liable for any damages done to your car while following these instructions.
Although there are many different kinds to pick from.



Alexis Esteban says:

How do I tie the wires to the fuse? Plz help

Famus 801 says:

Fucking ricer

Daniel Smith says:

Mine came with a switch to pick green and blue color and turn knob to make the lights dim to bright. Did this one come that way also and you cut it or was there never a switch?

310DaynceCentral says:

I like the video. My question is does this install also fit the 1990-1993 Acura Integra?

Toyota Corolla says:

Thanks for the information. I’m going to change my gauge

Xiferr says:

that looks retarded sorry

Muhammad Azam Khan says:

could u tell whats that redish big infra red look like button next light dimmer?

Ajay Parmar says:

please can you send me the ebay link ive looked but its double the price

lazal3m says:

Can't see the gauge needles?

Aaron Ezekiel Gabriel Cater Ignacio says:

Did you get your interior panels sprayed? I've been wanting my Civic's interior to be that color.

E S says:

Thats all easy stuff, the screwing off and of screws and all that, I wanted to know about the electrical, wheres ground, splicing wires and all that, which is the actually difficult part.

Oscar Prieto says:

Amigo como consigo eso? Exelente eres un genio!!!

Giovanni says:

if this is really an auto i feel bad for you

Richard Adams says:

whats the difference between glow gauges and reverse glow gauges?


What i didnt know what was a thing thats badd ass i need it lol

The Beaver says:

Is this all? Is there any changing of the bulbs needed or anything? Or all I need to get is the glow gauge faces?

Mark Reellz says:

HELP me. Hi I just got my face plats in the mailbox last week and I've been having a little problem I got my I have my gauge plate hooked up to my head lights so when I turn on my headlights to gauge plate light up the only problem is when I turn the car and leave it overnight and come back in the morning the car battery is draining down how can I stop please help

Patrick Frazier says:

Is it possible to use a manual gauge over an automatic cluster? Is there a big difference?

Coda5610 says:


Azam Khan says:

whats on the extreme left that infra red thing, next to light dimmer?

DeTodoaLoTico says:

you do it with the battery connected?

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