How To Set or Adjust the Governor on a Honda Engine

How To Set or Adjust the Governor on a Honda Engine

Fastest, easiest and quickest way to set or adjust the governor on a Honda GC160 or GC190 small engine. Includes, lawn mowers, tillers, pressure washers, etc…

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Jason Masters says:

Hey Steve I need some help brother….I have just rebuilt a gc160 new crank , new piston, rings , you name it I replaced it. I set the governor exactly how it's supposed to be set but it's still running way too fast and the government shaft won't turn any more….I don't know what else to do to get the rpms down….

Jason Masters says:

Hey Steve I need your help brother….I just rebuilt a gc160 and everything is how it's supposed to be but its got really high rpms. I can adjust the governor EXACTLY how your supposed to and it does nothing to help. It feels like I need to be able to turn the governor shaft more but it stops

Michael Wray says:

Steve, any suggestions for why my GC 190 will only run with choke pulled halfway out. As soon as I push it in the engine goes dead. And the idle adjustment didn’t seem to help. Thanks!

David Barrera says:

Does this help reach higher RPM?

paillight says:

Hey did the adjustment but the motor seems to rev very high is their any other adjustment that can be made to the idle on a power washer. Great vidios they havehelped me a lot.

Joshua Guy says:

Great video

Juan Diaz says:

Appreciate it finna make my motorized bicycle go a little faster

Sterling Thomas says:

My gc160 governor pin is in the horizontal position after turning clockwise. So It may need to be in the vertical position, because it runs high

Ole-Petter Berg Olsen says:

no Greta is my aunt!

TheDddell says:

Thanks steve…experience from a professional. Better than all the reading i have done to find the right answer.

Chuck Penrose says:

Steve, This proceedure works on most Honda engines but on a Honda HRC216 commercial mower with a GXV160 engine it puts the mower into a high rev condition (at least on mine) 🙂 Can you share the proper governor and speed adjustments for this type engine / mower?

Jon Rozinsky says:

Steve, you just made me look like a hero in front of my wife here trying to figure out why the rototiller was revving so high. I agree with Sam here – I’ve learned so much from your great straight forward vids. Less head scratching and more time getting stuff done (meaning more time drink a beer or two at the end of the day). You rock, man. Thanks for what you do for us all.

Matt Stooch says:

Hi, I've got a GC190 powered Pressure washer with auto throttle ( no throttle lever like the one in the video) and a governor. How do you set the governor on that correctly? Having problems setting the speed correctly. Thanks, from a fellow Canadian Eh!

Thee Assassin hood Gh0ŠT says:

My go cart uses similar 4.0 engine very helpful

salsero doscientosseis says:

awesome! thank you for the knoledge =D

I.G. says:

Man you saved my life. My foolish uncle started messing around the engine without even looking up what might be the cause of problems. Now I have to repair it after his "repairs". I owe you a pint of good beer

Carl ODonnell says:

do I need the PBR too? funny, yes you taught me something because I had no idea what the governor is for in the first place. I have a Landa pressure cleaner with a gx200 honda, and I just replaced the carburetor, but I did not adjust the governor. I don't know if it is necessary?

Christopher Ely says:

Your Amazon link to tachometer is out of date. If you're getting link bonus you'll want to update that.

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