How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades 05-11 Honda Civic

How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades 05-11 Honda Civic

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1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a damaged, bent, or failing windshield wiper blade. This video is applicable to the 2008 Honda Civic.

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Kenneth Romo says:

This video was pretty bad, a little too fast

dantonliam says:

Mine look nothing like that on my 06

Shane Peterson says:

My kid's 08 Civic has different blades than this. To remove, you press a little button on the back (exposed) side of the blade holder, then it just pops right out.

herrbrahms says:

Not very helpful considering most people looking to do this will have the original Honda blade to remove. That's the video you should have made.

PS says:

This is the fastest and easiest to understand, thank you

kirkp_nextguitar says:

If your Civic is 2005-2007 ignore this video. The attachment method is completely different.

Jeremy Matthew says:

Video did not help for 2009 Honda civic

Rabih Fakhoury says:

Please any body tell what is the size of wiper blad of civic 2010

RickyNajjarPro says:

No help at all

Trav says:

Why… this is driving me to my limits why do like almost every car i look at got the j hook blades and mine is the stupid clip in ones and no normal gas station sells them not even walmart… i need adapters for j hook blades or some one point me in a direction where i can change the wiper arms completely for the j hook ones..

dubb says:

i have a 2009 civic sedan lx what size wiper blade do i need. from everything i look up theres is 2 different compatible sizes for driver and 3 different sizes for passenger

Sacchinn Verma says:

Please Make a video on replacement of knock sensor in honda civic 8th gen

Fifthcell says:

1:00 that’s actually a hybrid style blade. It’s pretty much a conventional blade with an aerodynamic shell over it

Matt Bowers says:

Where did you find a Civic with j-hook wiper arms? My '08 has some strange arms with a flange that the wiper ise vevidently supposed to slide into.

Jim Walsh says:

The video helped by pointing out the key to releasing the old blade – pull UP on the tab, flip the blade and push down. It's so easy when you know the way!

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