How to Replace Upper Control Arm 03-07 Honda Accord

How to Replace Upper Control Arm 03-07 Honda Accord

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🔧 List of tools used:
• 17mm Wrench
• 12mm Socket
• 14mm Socket
• 15mm Socket
• 17mm Socket
• 19mm Socket
• 1/2 Inch Breaker Bar
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions
• Torque Wrench
• Floor Jack
• Jack Stands

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Daniel says:

What’s the quality on 1A Auto parts? I want to rebuilt the suspension on my 06 TL but not with cheap parts

Francisco vanen says:

Any torque specs

jedifyll says:

Great details, best videos! Thanks!

youandi06 says:

I just did my upper control arms and balls joints today and for anyone else doing it you do not need to remove the strut completely! It is unnecessary unless your replacing the strut. You just undo the bolts from the strut Tower, and remove the single bolt from the lower control arm that goes through the wishbone, and this will give you more than enough room to access the upper control arm bolts easily!!! By removing the strut are creating 40 minutes to an 1 hour or more of work for yourself for nothing. Just a little tip.

Jon Lodge says:

You don't need to remove the strut – the lower (fork) bolt is often seized. Just disconnect the strut top mount and the (top) ball joint on the wishbone and then press down the hub assembly enough to allow the top of the strut to be pulled outboard slightly. Then you will have enough clearance to remove the top wishbone bolts and replace it.

gg taruc says:

Thanks for the video. Not clear on the "inverted holes" when tightening bolts relating to loading the arms?

mysilviA SE says:

Is this same for 06 acura tl?

MAD DOG guzman says:

I love the way you do all your work without airtools all manual work great vid gonna use you vid to fix my 2003 accord!!!

Rookie To Pro Buildz says:

Quality information, plan on upgrading to adjustable control arms soon. Wanted more negative camber.

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