How To Replace Headlight Bulb of 2013-2017 Honda Accord

How To Replace Headlight Bulb of 2013-2017 Honda Accord

This video shows how to change headlight bulbs of 2013 – 2017 Honda Accord.

Genuine Honda Headlight bulb
Part # 33165-SAA-003

* 10 mins

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Mul M says:

Thanks. This is one of the simplest videos I found.

Chris says:

Thank you! Dealer wanted to charge me $75 but instead I bought an $18 bulb and did it myself.

tayab shaikh says:

Thank you
Saved my 130 Saudi Riyals

Roentgenium says:

I tried 15 mins myself and checked this video.. did it in 2 mins. Thanks so much.

Jamarkus says:

Thank you bröther, you saved me

Yoohan Kim says:

You are awesome

Kat S says:

Great video, thanks for your help!

Hari K says:

Thanks Man.. Easy explanation..

David DeRolph says:

The blue vs green differentiation mentioned in this video apparently does not apply to aftermarket brands. I just bought a replacement bulb for the low beam headlight on my 2013 Honda Accord. It does not have any green color. After watching this video, I double-checked Advance Auto's website to make sure I had the right part.

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