How to Replace Front Window Regulator 03-08 Honda Pilot

How to Replace Front Window Regulator 03-08 Honda Pilot

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1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a slow, stuck, cracked or damaged window regulator. This video is applicable to 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08 Honda Pilot

🔧 List of tools used:
• Flat Blade Screwdriver
• Phillips Head Screwdriver
• 10mm Socket
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions
• Painter’s Tape
• Utility Knife

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Daniell Marlow says:

Thank you so much. I'm in LA where prices are insane. My Honda dealer wanted $700 to replace my regulator. I told them to take a hike, ordered the parts, watched this video several times, and fixed it myself in about an hour and a half. I saved about $650. Thanks for the vid!

James Bond says:

Great video, thank you. I replaced the Window Regulator, connected it, but the motor is not working. However, that black box Control Module makes some light clicking sound when push the window button on the switch panel. Is it possible that this module needs to be replaced as well? Or it has nothing to do with the regulator motor and I received a faulty regulator motor assembly? I also checked the power window fuse in the main block and driver side power window fuse in the block on the passenger side. Those are fine.

Jo Jo says:

Fyi, tiny little light bulb connector must be connected or it won't work. I almost replaced the control panel but double checked and found out I had missed the bulb. Anyways. Thanks for the excellent video post. I'm sure I saved a lot of $$$.

jnelsn says:

My window is stuck in the up position. How do I get it down to disconnect it from the regulator

Nicholas Matlak says:

Of course mine broke with the window down and it absolutely will not go up by hand or by force,have to do some “goesintoing”

John Winston says:

These guys are the best. Great video and got part fast. Saved me hundreds of dollars over Honda dealership.

mraudikyle1 says:

Tip I found out while doing this job on my 06 pilot.
If you have to run the regulator to align bolt holes to meet access hole you need to have all connectors plugged in for it to work. It will not operate unless all connections are made.

Todd Slaten says:

Did this in about an hour thanks to your video! Thank you!

Autumn Lederman says:

Great video. Thanks for the help!

Andjru Werderitsch says:

Thank you for the video. I'm at that point where the window doesn't match where the new regulator is. I've plugged in everything that allows me to operate windows, but the window that i'm working on (1/2 assembled obviously) is not powered at all!!! Any suggestions?

Philip Grant says:

Anyone have issue getting the auto function of the window to roll up and down after install? I followed the owners manual to no avail. Window goes up and down, just not automatically like it once did.

stan senior says:

Thanks just did mine and saved some money!

michael alaman says:

My windows not connected to regulator anymore, and cant force window up all the way any advice

B P says:

Excellent video–couldn't find a instructional video for replacing the front passenger window regulator but this one provides all the how-to info I needed to easily replace the front passenger side regulator on my 2006 Pilot.

Jose Laboy says:

Great video made the job easy thank you

Laurene Wistner says:

Second time I’ve had to replace a regulator and A1 comes through again… clearest most thorough videos. Someone did mentions reattaching the light switch or the regulator will not work… I was midway and couldn’t get the window to move and thought I’d cry. Read the comment and plugged the door light in….saved!!!! Thanks for the great video and great parts!

FF JJ says:

Excellent demo. I've fixed my Honda Pilot exactly as you have instructed. Thanks!!

Jo Jo says:

Any way to test it before putting every thing back in place just in case something not done right?

Raapadap says:

4:28 my window is not lined up with the holes, I plugged the switches back in and turned the car on yet the window does not move. Perhaps it is the switch that is broken not the regulator. Anyways now I got a window that is stuck down and I can’t reach the holes to screw the thing back together. Any tips??

pansatirus says:

Thanks for the great video. Helped me replace the regulator on 2006 Pilot. The only thing that was not covered by the video was that my window was stuck at the top, so I had to use a flat 10mm wrench to unscrew the window bolts. The holes in the door are large enough to put your hands through. Thanks again.

Michael Klein says:

Had 2 learning curves I'd like to share. First after replacing the regulator the driver window still would not budge. What a pain when you have to reach in blind to unscrew the 2 window bolts. All the other windows worked fine. The trick was there was one more cable that I thought was unrelated to the driver's window controls. Apparently it completes a circuit for the driver window only. Found that out by putting everything back together and taping the window up because I ran of time for the day. Hit the button and could hear the motor running up and down. Next day took off the door panel and it was dead again. Grrrr….. Connected everything as if I was going to attach the door panel and it worked. The gray cable connection is about 6" away from the arm rest towards the bottom rear of the door.  

Second thing I experienced was the window would bind about 4-5" from the top. I tried shifting the window forward, nope, shifting it back, still no better. My wife noticed the top of the window was not aligned with the vertical rubber track. Unbolted the 2 screws holding the window to the regulator and slide the glass into the vertical rubber groove at the front of the door. Reattached the 2 screws and it worked like a charm.

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