How to Replace Front CV Axles – Honda Accord

How to Replace Front CV Axles – Honda Accord

How to replace front drive axles. This was done on a 2004 Accord (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007), but will be similar to other generations of the Accord and other vehicles as well.

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Note: Do this repair at your own risk! I am not responsible for any injuries or deaths. Improper use of tools, vehicle lifts, jack stands, electrical equipment, cleaning/penetrating oil/fluid and other chemicals and tools used in this video can result in serious injury and can be fatal.

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John Smith says:

You did a good job on this video. So many people will be about nothing for 10 minutes before they get to the job. You were right to it. Even fast fwd'd the tedious parts. Unfortunately I'm doing a newer model with a center support bearing in it. So the procedure, though similar, is a bit more complicated.

B00steDevil says:

V6 model is different

Patrick Walmsley says:

Excellent demonstration and commentary!

You should try recording some 'b roll' of your garage/outside to put in place of the sound where the video is sped up (which is appreciated).

Josh Smith says:

Thank you for posting your videos. My 2003 Honda Accord shakes like crazy whenever it is in Drive but sitting still. I just replaced all the motor and transmission mounts. It never shakes when in Park, but only when the car is in Drive and I am completely stopped… What do you think the issue is?

Omar Qureshi says:

Very nice job.

Sam Baker says:

This is the best automotive instructional video I've seen, and I've seen quite a few. Thank you.

Albert Nieves says:

I don’t understand why some viewers will give this video thumbs down… HaterS I guess

Desmond Harris says:

Great video! Did it help with vibrations? Neithery your old or new axle has the weight in the middle. (Btw, you have to tap the axle with a rubber mallet to get it in.)

David L says:

Thanks for the video, it was surprisingly very easy with your help. Second side took me 15 minutes flat. I went OEM replacements and for whatever reason on a 2004 manual transmission, very pricey parts.

Rudy Castellon says:

What cv axles brand did you use? Any vibration after replacing them?

Joaquin Rodriguez says:

Great video thanks alot

SuperTrackhoe1 says:

Awesome. Thanks so much.

Liz Rae says:

is this the same as a cv joint

Tim or Patti McGuire says:

This is a great video that shows the important points along with explanations of the shortcuts and the watch out for this info while speeding through the mundane parts of the process. Clear, concise and to the point. Thank you; you made the job doable.

2Trill4TvNation says:

Did you pack it with grease before you put it back in ?????

ROCStar Dashers says:

That’s not a Honda. You didn’t throw it into the middle of the road from frustration. 🙂

Drug Induced Fever dream says:

Finally! A demonstration on getting this job done without removing the entire suspension assembly just to get to the CV joint

Desmond Harris says:

If yours is not going in you can use a rubber mallet to tap it to the 1/8 inch he's talking about.

Tim Mason says:

Is this a v6 or 4

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