How to Replace Front Bumper 07-11 Honda CR-V

How to Replace Front Bumper 07-11 Honda CR-V

1A Auto shows you how to remove or replace a damaged, scratched, or broken front bumper cover. The video is applicable to the 09 Honda CRV

🔧 List of tools used:
• Flat Blade Screwdriver
• Phillips Head Screwdriver
• 10mm Socket
• Trim Tool Set
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions

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markeyfarrell says:

those two 10mm bumper bolts 2:48 … both of my 2011 rusted solid…. IMHO – soak with rust buster spray a day or two before, and do it again the first thing when you're going to do the job. I ended up busting that funky front part of the inner fender liner on the right side. … ** that stupid J-clip retainer ** … they really should have just used a fender washer and nut.

Sister Calhoun says:

Is a 2008 Honda CRV front Bumper compatible with a 2010 Honda CRV EXL ?

Stefan Rusu says:

What can I do if one bolt under the bumper broke in 2?

Simon Gibson says:

Very clear explanation – I have to reattach the bumper on our CR-V and the video is useful to show how the parts interlock. Thank You!

Marcin says:

Removing bumper without headlight washer jet is quite easy – but how to remove bumper with washer jets? Washers in Honda CR-V III are mounted to the bumper with two screws each. Are you able to prepare video guide how to remove/replace front bumper equipped with headlight washer jets?

cha0skarmma says:

Those two bolts under the bumper….

Valerie Rondone says:

Did you paint the new bumper before installing it

Allyza the Ravenclaw says:

How much will it cost for the new bumper

Cambridge 68 says:

I need to replace a broken bumper on this car which parts do I need? I think there are 3 main pieces anything else I need? Thanks

Karla Hernandez says:

what are the features of an original bumper , does it have a Honda logo on it or a part number

Chris Coughlin says:

Excellent video – my 2008 CR-V LX was slightly different. No screws on the underside at the ends ( the ones you sprayed ) they were push clips. Also the license plate bracket may need to come off if attached. In NJ we have to display front and rear plates. It did take longer than 9 minutes though LOL Thanks for the videos

Rock J says:

I noticed you change the headlights

bukky maxwell says:

Please can i upgrade my Honda CR-V 2008 front bumper and grill kits to 2010 Honda Crv bumper and front grill?????

Travel with Mr Delivery says:

It is an awesome channel it helped me in many ways with my cr v

Lenin Lopez says:

Que tal, puedes mostrar como se cambia la bomba de limpiaparabrisas del la honda crv 2008 o 2009, gracias.

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