How to Replace Drum Brakes on a 2005-2011 Honda Civic

How to Replace Drum Brakes on a 2005-2011 Honda Civic

Brian Eslick from How to Automotive takes you step-by-step through the process of replacing the rear brake shoes and drums on a 2005-2011 Honda Civic.

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Bouboune says:

Fuck brake shoes!!

Caleb Heffenger says:

When orientation is important point your camera at the parts your orienting, you keep doing stuff halfway out of frame

jiggamanog says:

Badass Brian thank you.

Wilson Morales says:

This guy saved me a Headache.. thnxx bro. Simple as 123

Brian Bejado says:

Is the hand brake supposed to be engaged or released?

Robert Slipsky says:

is there anything about the parking brake?

Villa.Cardenas_5 says:

Holy smokes what a nightmare to do. One other reason why disc brakes are so much better.

David Wilson says:

Thanks for making this video. It was a huge help as I did my rear brakes today.

Lee Simpson says:

Well done as always!!. WHY can’t people learn the killers of doing most wrong! Like pure ignorance, especially with profanity which will offend those Who choose to use English, but will never offend those who speak like sailors. It’s a win/win. And conceivably ruining the video. BIG things like, loud annoying music, poor sound or bubbling. Attempting to pad their lack of knowledge. As a NASE cert.mechanic for 40 years, “just a car nut,” that rarely does a Honda and even with tiny hands, Uuuuuh, that can’t fit and hasn’t done this one or drums, for 10 years, “I never did it for a living, I got wanted my tech degree before I went to college”, it was nice to be refreshed and feel confident while taking a much needed bad back break. So much to be learned by You tubers trying to build a channel for the masses. Another hero to add to my list. It’s called doing it right! Thanks again, A simple Thorough and refreshing Video, Lee,FL

Ruustic says:

Thanks for this! QUICK TIP: Use vice grips to take the springs off, then remove the clips holding on the shoe, then take them off… then do it in reverse! Way easier than trying to juggle the second shoe on

Carter Hunsaker says:

The horseshoe clip is my worst enemy, every thing else seems super easy

Sterling Archer says:

A lot of information and straight to the point. The best part about this video was simply just that. Straight to the point. This video was very well made and I am thankful for it

matt viele says:

What are those special tool called?

Ziggy Herbacek says:

Can you tell me the name of the pliers you used to remove the horse shoe clip from parking break please!

Danny Facio says:

Same process for a 2012 civic lx ?

Juan Mendez says:

After few months on the new brakes I need to adjust the brakes again or the adjustment is automatic?

Lilgus84 says:

Skip the first step. Getting the drum off.

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