How to Replace A Starter On A Honda Civic 2001-2005

How to Replace A Starter On A Honda Civic 2001-2005

How to Replace A Starter On A Honda Civic 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005. Starter Replacement Step by Step on a honda civic. Starter Location, honda wont start. How to Change A Starter.

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Stephen Huntley says:

Starter died in a Qdoba parking lot. Borrowed a car, watched this video, bought supplies, and changed out my starter for the first time. I never do anything with cars, but this video convinced me I could do it. Thank you and well done!

Ryan A says:

A+!!! This video is very informative and I was excited that there was no terrible music in the background. Very straight forward and easy interpretation of everything. Thank you very much. I appreciate your video

UltraFerretOptiks says:

Rare when i try to find a good hot to video when it comes to cars so this was extremely helpful man, ty so much

Cori says:

after watching this exactly once i will be attempting to replace my starter this weekend with absolutely no prior knowledge about cars wish me luck

Chico Dust-E says:

My valve cover gasket leaks oil in just the right way so that it drops on the starter so it legit looked like this when it came out. Covered & caked in oil.

Edit: I also have a bad brake light switch which I didn't know until a week ago when my car battery was suddenly dead, got a jump and it started right up and kept starting so I thought nothing of it.

Then fast forward to this week and again battery died but when I tried to jump it nothing happened. All you hear is the fuel pump prime itself but nothing when you turn the key and I can't imagine my ignition switch died randomly. I'm hoping this is the problem since I did have to have a shop replace my starter 4 years ago with the same symptoms.

Will report back

wildbillo68 says:

does it matter that i have a standard transmission ???? is it a different part?

Daniel Haro says:

Was your starter a rebuilt ?

Keely Myers says:

Thank you so much for this video! Saved us 400 bucks and I got to get my hands dirty. Should've only taken 30 minutes but, had a couple bastard ass bolts screw me up.

Oscar Estrada says:

So dang helpful thank you for making a great video.

Plymouth and Dodge Posse says:

Excellent tutorial. Great instruction, excellent camera and lighting. Thank you!

H P says:

Looks so ridiculously easy. they make the newer models so hard to change

Lost Books says:

Are the cheap ebay Honda starters good?

Christopher Franklin says:

Probably one of the best step by step videos I've seen that wasn't from a corporation. Sure am glad Honda put that starter way up there.

G Williams says:

Make sure it's a honda brand starter, not aftermarket or you'll have misfires.

Wes Lewis says:

If you’re having trouble, lower a long hammer or any tool that can reach and tap on it as someone is cranking it. Trust me it will likely turn on

Daniel Cortez says:

Easiest starter to replace

Russ Vill says:

Your video is so good,
Thank you for taking the time to do a quality video…

ciscokid USMC says:

Excellent description and video. Thank you

3dplanet100: walking and tours videos says:

Wow, thank you for sharing! Exactly the video I was looking for. My 2005 Civic has a faulty starter since the other day. After like 4 or 6 attempts, my car cranks and starts. Interestingly, am one of your subscribers since many months ago, great video!

Junot Mota says:

this is my favourite account on this website

Christian Sahagun says:

I just replaced my starter with the help of your video and I have no mechanic experience so I just want to say thank you bro!!! You saved me a lot of money lol

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