How to Replace a 97 to 01 Honda Prelude Fuel Pump. 5TH Gen

How to Replace a 97 to 01 Honda Prelude Fuel Pump. 5TH Gen

In this video I replace a fuel pump in a 2001 Honda Prelude
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Tylor Killian says:

I just picked up a 97 prelude with 204k miles, this video helped me more than you think!

Joel Vargas says:

was this a routine change out? or repair like due to bogging down from no fuel? mine recently bogged down like 6 times hasn't happened before with my 00' but happened frequent in my 90'

Deven P says:

Very helpful video, appreciate you sharing! What is the new fuel pump?

Camden Finlay Media says:

Yo for future reference . I dropped my tank last night to replace tge whole thing without hitting exhaust or subframe

Terrance Askew says:

Thanks for posting this! My fuel pump is in the same condition (doesnt need replaced), but its been 21 years since it has seen the light of day.

Sharif Sircar says:

Thanks, trying to see if there is any space to peak through there to see where my tank is leaking from

Michael Deihl says:

Whats the other one on the left?

SaGeMajestic says:

what fuel pump did you put in there? if you remember

Steven Garrad says:

Stt8 2 point good job ty

sonic5773 says:

Is the big circle metal cover in the middle the evap vent valve???

Jerry Honda Garage says:

Super nice. It's nice to watch

Munards says:

If i already had the parts what would be a fair price to pay someone to install it?

Michael Palmisano says:

This is also the same process for the 92 thru 96 prelude 4th gen .. just in case anyone was curious !

José says:

My key isn’t unlocking the back part of the seat??

S Mac says:

My prelude is sputtering when I get around 50 mph, like the whole car shutters around that speed. Think it could be the fuel pump going out? Thanks

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