How To Repair A P1298 Electric Load detector code on A Honda

How To Repair A P1298 Electric Load detector code on A Honda

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In this video I will show you how to repair a P1298 ELD voltage high on a 2003 Honda Civic.Most Honda Civic,CRV and Accords are the same procedure.
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Krooked Mob says:

Can that cause the car to keep dieing even after new battery and alternator

Ashursardan says:

Performed the repair according to your demonstration. Super helpful! Thank you!

Anthony Hernandez says:

How much does NAPA charge for this job I have a 1997 Honda and I was wondering

Gino Jacobsen says:

note: why cover the part # when u r showing us the new part from the dealer! do u have any idea the time we ALL can SAVE, if u just move your thumb out the way! lol sorry dude

Sedona Legend says:

Great post Jim, I so wish my 2001 Honda Civic EX 5 speed manual was this easy, I'm being told that I need to replace the entire fusebox as the ELD cannot be removed for my model. Wish somehow I could get around that, as $270.00 is a lot of money to pay for such a small part. My code reader shows the ELD, and the car has developed the dreaded searching 'up and down' idle. By the way my engine compartment is so 'like new' compared to the car you serviced. LOL! Thanks for the excellent video.

Luis Castillo says:

Why cant i find one for my 99 civic ex

Oneill Cisneros says:

So i dont have a connector or even wires for the ELD what do i do in this situation

mike lacoste says:

Maybe close the door so we can hear you and not the damn traffic

Zac HK says:

autozone sells this for $35 it’s called battery current sensor, i don’t know how good is the product but oem eld fails easily

Lucia Flores says:

Hello this problem affected for smog check?

Carlos Buenrostro says:

So had a questions I changed my Alternator my alternator went bad and my battery light will come on sometimes on idle or coming to a stop or rolling slow but then it will go away once I start driving.. I also have a scan but not code is showing my alternator volt jumps from13.2-13.6 never stable

unept96 says:

Perfect explanation! Our mechanic had no idea what an ELD was when he got the P1298 code. With your help I replaced it myself. The only thing that would have been helpful in the description was that the part number is 38255-S5A-003 ($35.14 on Amazon). Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!

Gerry Mcelyea says:

What if its eld voltage low? And would it be the same on a 97 prelude

Dave F says:

would that cause a rough idle, cut off sometimes, and be really sluggish, like if the cat was clogged?

Cef 47 says:

Just noticed you’re in the Bayonne area , I live in Jersey City was wondering if you can check my car out im having the same code issues

Cef 47 says:

How much was the eld from Honda dealer ?

Jonathan Libreros says:

@jimthecarguy Hey I have the same code on my 98 manual civic sedan but I did replace it 3 times and I still have the same problem it keep showing the same code? Any thoughts

jesse diaz says:

Thank you now I know how to take the fuse box off.

Mike Banks says:

Does this apply for a 2000 honda civic si??

Luis Brown says:

A p1298 in my 97 integra just showed up need help with this problem

E says:

Could the cause of this is the battery? I got the same code on my car and the engine light is on? If I was to get this done does the code have to be clear although the engine light goes off after?

Steven Hazelton says:

Great video, Thanks!

Juan Moreno says:

Question: Would a bad ELD cause my 2009 Honda Accord headlights to flicker/pulse?

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