How to install Integrated Tail light on a 07-12 Honda CBR600RR by TST Industries

How to install Integrated Tail light on a 07-12 Honda CBR600RR by TST Industries

Eliminate the stock fender and move your tail light and signals into the tail using components from TST Industries. For more info please see:

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The TST Industries taillight is available in a choice of clear or smoked lens, in a standard or light pattern programmable version. It enables the installer to remove the fender mounted OEM tail lamp and signals, and move all the lighting into the tail. The capsule geometry fits perfectly within the tail fairing, and a little trimming of the subtray is required to assemble the system onto the bike.

This is our own design, a product of American engineering, and is sold only through our stores and a few authorized dealers. Super Street Bike magazine featured this product in their “Mod of the Month” article in April 2012.



Point4Dave says:

Did this today on my friend’s bike in Canada. Brown Plug actually goes to the Orange on the bike and Green wire goes to the Blue plug otherwise the signal lights will be reversed.

Cinema Gaming says:

Quick question I have the programmable turn signal do you have to switch it back an forth from brake.light flashing and regular brake light? Same with turn signal

Spuriously_ says:

Great video. The last dude must've installed the wires incorrectly because I don't have proper turn signals, so this will help me out quite a bit.

Brad s says:

Is there anyway of mounting the number plate closer to the original placement? As in the UK it would be illegal to have it in and under the seat, any recommendations would be much appreciated.

seanystreams says:

i know this an old video prob wont see this but how do i get a stripped servo screw out?

Landon Mansfield says:

Does the kit come with the tst relay? To make the flash rate slower? Or is that a separate purchase?

Devoe Watson says:

I'm looking to get the programmable do i need the load balancing resistors if im getting the additional relay?

Saleem Sabah says:

Is this fits on my CBR1000 2006?

lucas mager says:

And what is going to light up the number plate after this mod ?

Donny Lem says:

just installed this, fucking love it.. dont forget to tighten the lowering brackets before you take off in excitement, you'll lose them :/

Δημητρης Στο says:

were i find clip for the hold down exhaust and the one base for numbers of bike?

Michael Brown says:

So I have a 2007 CBR 600RR and I tried to install this kit onto my bike today. Unfortunately my two brothers exhaust is too high up and it is touching the light so it would melt the light if I were to ride to bike. I have purchased the exhaust lowering kit but this is of no use in my situation because the exhaust is literally fixed into place and has no travel in the vertical direction. Please let me know if there's anything I can do in this situation.

Furkan T. says:

i dont have the white sheet on 10:00 how i know that i cut the right line?

Joyce & Simba says:

Are you able to get the sequential/strobe signals for 07 1000rr ?

Justo Barba says:

I bought one and installed. The only problem I have is the pulse break light option when I set it, it will eventually go back to normal with just a solid light and no pulse. It could be a day or a couple days or a week. It’s always different but the point is I always have to press that button to set the pulse. The sliding turn signal is no problem, that doesn’t go back to default

lamborghini231 says:

Where do the resistors go??

Richie M says:

Great video and step by step directions. Just did mine on my 2018 CBR600RR and it came out awesome. Did the fender eliminator and tag light as well.

Tyler Fabish says:

@TST industries. I am replacing a hack job tail light with yours. I dont have all 3 plugs under there. They wired a resistor inline with two of the wires, so how do i convert it back to use my relay flasher i purchased from you guys with your tail light?

Tyler Fabish says:

I think its funny when people call the cbr the "slow" 600. I got an 07. They hit 100 mph in 2nd gear and they are at the 1/4 mile in ten and a half seconds. I can cruise at 120 and roll on the gas and be at 145, no struggle. It's far from slow, its just the powerband is much more linear than the more aggressive R6. And honestly I like it that way, this thing screams at 15k and doesnt run out of steam baby!

Aaron T says:

Will a yoshimura exhaust over heat the integrated light without using the lowering link?

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