How to install Honda wiper blade refills

How to install Honda wiper blade refills

Our General Manager, Tim and Parts Advisor, Adam will explain how to correctly install the wiper inserts that can be purchased from our parts department.



Lino91TV says:

Liked the video but sound was bad


Interesting. Less wasteful: spent $45 on Bosch replacement blade hardware/refills, but just used the rubber refills. Tossed the metal hardware which i suppose i could have used on the Fits J-hook wiper arm. Next time will order directly from my dealer. About how much $? Thanks.

Craig Erickson says:

You should say what model and years this procedure works for. Wiper inserts on my 2007 Fit are different.

Scotty 29 says:

Wrong. The metal retainers should be taken out of the original blades and put back into the new inserts.

Boonglon Chameleon says:

Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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