How to install a short shifter (Honda)

How to install a short shifter (Honda)

Today we will show you how to install a k-tuned adjustable shortshifter in a honda civic. This method is pretty much the same for most hondas without a cable shifter setup so this should work for cars such as the integra and the shuttle as well.



Samper de pamp Koos alberts says:

He gabber welke heb ik nodig voor een honda accord 1999 1.8 vtec?!

Varun V Nair says:

I liked the video so hard that i clicked the like button 2 times and subscribed 2 times..

For your sake..
Stop saying fuck… fuck. Fuck every time…

I was hearing this in a bus stop…
You know what it would be like…

Seriously… "Bushing is fucked"

Kipp Hulick says:

Does this work for a 1995 accord? I can't find anything about a short shifter for that car anywhere, where did you get the shifter kit?

Blue Collar Power says:

Are you guys from The Netherlands? I hear the tiniest bit of Dutch accent there haha
Liking the video, by the way! You might have a potential sub here 😉
Keep it up!

Jorn Kroonen says:

Just your casual wont take Too long kind of deals

Elliot says:

Kind of facelpalm lol. Those things are supposed to spin. Best way is to use vise grips to hold them to undo and redo the bolt back up. Good idea to replace and upgrade the 2 bushings aswell. I also forgot to fit the 2 rubber washers that go on the linkage bolt but not had any problems

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